Dealing with Two/Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Two or multiple hairs in one follicle is a common phenomenon in most people. While it is not a life-threatening condition it seems to disturb some.

Many hairs in one follicle may appear on your scalp, underarms, pubic area on legs especially after shaving, waxing. Genetics and scarring are the primary causes and basic hair removal methods can get rid of it. Read on for details.

Why do I have two or Multiple Hairs in one follicle? (Causes)

When you are having two hairs one follicle it is called pili multigemini. It might be a very rare disorder, but can occur since most people don’t really report it that often. The condition happens when more than two hair grows out of one follicle.

Multiple hairs growing out of one follicle.

When it is seen, it appears like flower stems that are contained in a vase. Research indicates that there are several follicles that usually lie very close together separately and that they join together at the base of the canal.

They each produce only one hair, but exit in a single follicle. People who have the condition might get folliculitis or even inflammation of the hair canal.

When you experience two hairs one follicle, it is normally a very rare disorder where tips of the hair papules separate into several shafts of hair. It commonly happens in male beard hair and also the kids scalps. Women have also experienced the disorder in the armpits and also the legs.

There is 1 hair follicle as normal and also one bulb at the base. The papilla or even the actual hair bud splits immediately as the hair grows.

The hair which grows has separate cuticles from each of the hair but comes out of the hair canal as two hairs. In normal hair growth, one hair normally grows out of each follicle.

  • Researchers have not found the actual reason behind the condition, but there appears to be a genetic factor. One suggestion by studies is that the papilla is usually subdivided and it merges together as one. This might be because of the re-growth of embryonic cells that were available prior to birth.
  • Another possible cause that researchers found is inflammation in scalp area that leads to scarring. This includes the folliculitis and also dissecting cellulitis.

Pili multigemini is a hair condition also known as the compound hair follicles or also the pili bifurcati. A person who is experiencing this disorder notices several strands of hair which appears to be growing from one hair follicle.

It is normally found on the scalp of small children and also the infants, and the facial hair of men. The cause of the condition is unknown, although there might be a genetic link.

Treatment for the condition largely focuses on removal of the affected hair follicles so as to present the appearance of a uniform hair growth.

Diagnosis of the condition might happen after a physician makes a visual examination of scalp and also the hair. Three or even more strands of hair are observed when growing out of a single hair follicle.

Multiple hairs in one follicle
Many hairs growing from one follicle

Some of the men have been diagnosed with the condition affecting the beard and also the facial hair which has sometimes been located on hairs on the back of the males.

The follicles having multiple strands that are exiting from them might thus appear in a linear formation on the face or even the back.

  • Extreme cases of the condition have been observed where as many as 40 strands of hair were seen exiting from a single hair follicle.
  • Less severe cases have also been reported where a patient had an average of about 20 hairs growing out of a single follicle.
  • Most of the people with the condition average about 4 to 13 hairs per hair cluster.

Under the microscopic examination, several strands of the hair do not grow out of a single hair follicle. The roots of many hair follicles are normally clustered together below the scalp.

These particular strands of hair group together so that they exit from the scalp through one hair canal. Normal hair usually grows from one hair follicle and then exits from a single hair canal to the surface of the scalp.

Another condition symptom is abnormal depth of hair follicle within the tissue of the scalp. The roots are deeply buried further in the scalp than the normal hair follicles, thus making plucking of the hairs very difficult. Hair that is normally affected by the condition might be coarser and also curly than other growing hairs.

There are few treatments that are applied for pili multigemini. Electrolysis which is used to destroy the affected hair follicle might be applied if the look of the hair growth is very much unsightly.

Some of the patients undergo cryosurgery so as to remove the hair follicles that are exhibiting indications of the condition. A simple method that some people use is shaving the specific hair follicles that grow more than one hair strand at a time.

The theories of two hairs from one Pore

The hair strands are normally growing apart at start but as people get old their roots merge together. The hair follicle and also its root then merge with another one thus ending up with two hairs one follicle.

As it grows out of the said root, then the papilla can split into many separate cuticles at that time that it is coming out of the canal.


Studies have not indicated the cause of the condition but they have however come up with some theories explaining the reason why it happens.

Regrowth of the embryonic cells together at the root leads to the merging of roots.

Regrowth due to the roots are much close together. This particular theory does not explain why the condition is common amongst the people from some regions.

Another theory explains that it is brought about by inflammation of the scalp. Inflammation of scalp leads to scarring which causes the dissecting of the root which leads them to join.

Inflammation of scalp thus makes the condition to be noticeable especially in the beard region of the men, kids scalps and also women can get it in armpits and also the legs.

Scalp inflammation also affects the root of the hair and also thus brings them very much close together therefore, leading to the condition.

The root canals are also brought together and then join. As the new hair grows out of the root appears then as two hairs one follicle but later splits into separate cuticles.

Pain from two hairs in one follicle

Folliculitis have been linked to conditions where multiple hairs emanates from one hair follicle. Other conditions that might be associated with this are scarring of the alopecia (that is when the hair on the head is much involved) and also the tufted hair follicles.


Other underlying diseases are then ruled out just like an underlying skin condition that might be autoimmune or even inflammatory just by nature.

Two hairs one follicle might suggest pili multigemini condition which is also known as compound hairs, considered very rare though there have been no research that is able to define the actual frequency in the general population.

The name usually describes a condition where many separate hair fibers bunch together and then emerge from the skin through one hair canal.

How to Get Rid of Multiple Hairs in one Follicle

Some people are not in any way bothered by it as noticing single hair cuticles is not easy. The condition might give some other people a lot of discomfort and then lead to an infection.

Others are bothered by the stubby appearance due to the condition. Here are some of the solutions on methods of how to deal with it:


You may pluck out the several cuticles that are growing together. This is a very much painful process since the hairs are deeply rooted as compared to several other normal hair.

Waxing is a very common method that is used for plucking the hair rather than picking hair one by one. It is very crucial to note that hair will grow back.

  • Plucking usually offers a temporary solution but it actually does the magic. Some other people who experience the condition try to “pluck” the two hairs one from the follicle.
  • These particular hairs tend to be hard to pluck as they normally root deeper than normal hairs, and can grow back as two hairs one follicle in the future.


Shaving is very much helpful in reduction of the multiple hair cuticle growth and equally stops all the infections to the hair root.

The hairs may thus be shaved off when they grow, but again this is considered as only a temporary solution.

Shaving can also cause ingrown hairs and is sometimes listed as one of the causes of multiple hairs in one follicle.

  • Shaving has been said to assist in reduction of the folliculitis and also hair follicle infections.
  • You may shave the region where a person has been largely affected or even the entire hair.
  • Shaving also provides a temporary solution as hair can be able to grow back. You might also opt for electric shaver or even a razor.
  • A razor does a decent job and also leaves the skin looking smoother.


Electrolysis is said to be an effective way of removing the problem. Electrolysis normally involves destruction of the person’s hair root either by chemical or even through heat.

A fine probe is inserted into the follicle thus killing it off. Electrolysis is also an effective method that can be used to permanently put the follicles to sleep.

The only issue with the method is the expense to treat each of the individual follicle and if the condition is much widespread, it can thus prove to be very much costly.

Also, there are no research studies pointing to the fact that this method is very much effective for permanent removal.

This also ensures that no hair cuticle can ever grow back. If the condition is very much widespread, you may thus opt for electrolysis and then have a very permanent solution.

Electrolysis is very much expensive and does not guarantee people that the condition can appear in several other regions. A slight reddening of the skin can be noticed in the skin areas that have gone through the process.

  • Cryosurgery – This is a complete removal of hair follicles through the process of surgery. Cryosurgery is very much expensive and provides a permanent solution to the condition. There are some research studies that looks into the effectiveness of cryosurgery so as to completely get rid of the affected hair follicles. You might opt then to have surgery if the condition is much widespread and you are also worried that hair cuticles can sprout in several other regions.

How to Prevention Multiple Hairs from One Pore

If the condition is very much common within the family, then there is little that you can do about it. It thus implies that the condition is genetic and may not be prevented. But if the family does not suffer from the condition, then you can avoid getting it through the following indicated methods:

  • Use gentle skin products for skin – Lotions, conditioners and some soaps are able to irritate the skin leading to inflammations. Skin inflammation can be able to trigger the condition and it is very much wise to ensure that we protect ourselves.
  • Keep hair short – Keeping the hair short assists much as it doesn’t add any excess weight to hair follicles. Weight of hair also causes the joining of hair cells. Hair growing in very new regions should thus be kept very short as it can reduce chances of the condition happening.
  • Clean with warm water – This usually reduces the chances of blocking the hair pores. Visiting of the steam room or even a sauna can assist to the pores hence reduction of the chances of two hairs one follicle. Ducts blockage normally leads to this conditions.
  • Try reduction of the frequent hair treatments. Keep a lot of hair treatments to its minimum. This includes heat tools, heavy hard brushing, hair dyes, and also the permanent solutions. These may be very rough on skin of the scalp and also the hair follicles.
  • Avoid isotretinoin. This medication and also the acitretin are normally used in treatment of acne and also the aging skin. They might also disrupt the function of hair follicles and should thus only be used if absolutely vital.
  • Avoid sun. When you go in the sun, ensure to keep the head covered. Sunlight and also the sunburns may be very much damaging to hair follicles. Also increased sweating is able to block the ducts and cause infections.

Natural Hair Removal

While you might not permanently to do away with body hair, the methods indicated below might be highly effective to assist in your struggle to keep the body hair under control. Try the remedies to find out which one work better.

Raw Papaya

Papaya is much more than a tropical fruit. It’s normally packed with a lot of vitamins and also minerals, and also a specific enzyme known as the papain.

Papain assists much to break down the hair follicles, thus slowing down the hair re-growth rate. Not only can it be able to deal with hairs that are currently sprouting from follicles, but it is able to delay the return of body hair.

The best thing on papaya is that it’s very nourishing for the skin, and can be used even to people with very sensitive skin. It’s a beautiful exfoliating substance that can do away with body hair as it gives nutrients to the skin.

Papaya Remedy option 1:

For the remedy, you will require: Raw papaya and Raw turmeric root

  1. Using a knife, peel and chop the papaya into very small cubes.
  2. Using a fork, mash the cubes into thick, juicy papaya pulp.
  3. Grate a knuckle-sized raw turmeric root by use of the smallest holes.
  4. This is able to provide with zest-sized pieces, which can be mixed into papaya pulp.
  5. Mix the pulp well so as to ensure that the turmeric is very well absorbed, and use the paste to body parts that has unwanted hair.
  6. Gently massage the pulp into the skin, and let it stay for up to 30 minutes.
  7. Once the time has already passed, rinse the pulp from skin by use of warm water.

There might be some yellowing of skin (due to the turmeric), but it eventually fades about 5 days.

This is a remedy to repeat the process twice a week. Once the body hair has already lightened, you can shave or even wax. Give the skin a day so as to recover, then use the mixture once more. Keep using it regularly, and you might not have to worry much about waxing or even shaving for a long period of time

Papaya Remedy option 2:

For this particular remedy, you will require:

  • Raw papaya
  • Turmeric powder
  • Aloe vera
  • Mustard oil
  • Moisturizing cream

Crush half a cup of papaya into a very thick pulp, and then mix half a tablespoon each of gram flour and also some turmeric powder. Add two tablespoons of mustard oil, 4 tablespoons of aloe vera, and a few drops of peppermint oil.

Apply the mixture to the skin, and let it then dry. After about 30 minutes, rinse it off using warm water. This can assist to lighten the body hair and also prevent hair follicles from re-growing.

After the skin has completely dried, you should then use a natural moisturizing cream so as to reduce dryness as well as protecting of the skin.


Turmeric is a potent root that makes a delicious addition to curries, sauces, and stews, but it’s also loaded with a powerful antioxidant called curcumin. Curcumin assists in reduction of inflammation, fight bacteria, and also keeping of the skin healthy. Best of all, turmeric is able to seriously reduce the hair growth.

You may also apply turmeric in either raw or even in powder form, much depending on availability in the city. If the local pharmacy don’t have it, search the Oriental food stores so as to obtain a powdered or raw turmeric.

Turmeric Remedy option 1:

For this particular remedy for two hairs one follicle, you will require:

  • Turmeric powder
  • Sesame oil and also
  • Gram flour

Mix a tablespoon that is full of turmeric powder with an equal amount of gram flour, stir well so as to combine. Pour in the oil until you obtain a very thick paste. Using the fingers, use the paste to the areas that has unwanted body hair.

Let the mixture dry for about 30 minutes before rinsing off using warm water. Use a gentle scrubbing motion so as to do away with the paste, and a bit of hair will then come off. You might repeat the process once weekly so as to deal with the two hairs one follicle problem.

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  2. I’ve got em all around my giblets maybe it is because I’ve shaven roughly a few times. It hasn’t happened to me before those rough shaves down town.

  3. Doesn’t shaving just make your skin smooth hiding hair to sight and touch? That I know shaving doesn’t make multiple hair better, at most just inconsequential, some who believe it’s shaving which causes them, suggest to just keep shaving.

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