How to get Rid of baby Hairs on Forehead, Hairline and Body

If you are ever bothered with baby hair on the forehead, hairline and body here are ways to get rid of it fast

What is baby hair and why get rid of it?

Baby hairs are the small fine hairs on your hairline. They usually have a different texture from your other hair. Baby hairs resemble the hair that is usually on a baby’s head. While some people enjoy having baby hairs, there are those who find baby hairs quite a problem.

How to get rid of baby hair
Baby hair

Below are some of the reasons for getting rid of baby hairs;

  • Baby hairs make styling difficult. Since baby hairs have a different texture and length from the rest of the hair, it means that they cannot be kempt as the rest of the hair. When you have baby hairs and you wish to style your hair, you will have to find a style that accommodates the baby hairs. The baby hairs have in most cases to be brushed so that they somehow attach to the skin.
  • It is an added expense. Most people who have baby hairs have to use gel to get the baby hairs attached to the skin so that they are not as visible and unruly. When gel is applied on the baby hairs, it makes it more convenient to style the rest of the hair. Types of gel that last for long may be quite expensive. This is an expense you would avoid if you got rid of the baby hairs.
  • When you apply your hair or facial products, they may get stuck on these baby hairs. This eventually creates a buildup and you end up with skin irritation or even acne on the forehead.
  • When exposed to the sun, the skin around the baby hairs may be damaged by the sun rays. The skin where the baby hairs grow may become very dry.
  • The baby hairs have a tendency of trapping moisture. This in turn makes you very sweaty. [1]

How to get rid of baby hair on forehead

You may find it a bit uncomfortable to show off your face when your forehead is covered with baby hairs. You can get rid of those baby hairs without necessarily going for laser treatments. One of the best ways to get rid of bay hairs on forehead is waxing. Below is the procedure you will need to follow.


  • Wax kit
  • Cotton pads
  • Towel
  • Toner
  • Baby powder
  • Cold compress
  • Facial scrub or cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Big blush brush


  1. Take a small amount of the cleanser by your fingertips then massage it smoothly on your face in small circles. Ensure your forehead is well covered especially the area that has the hair you wish to wax.
  2. Using warm water, rinse your face then pat it dry. Ensure that the towel you use to pat your face is very clean and dry.
  3. Take the cotton pad and saturate it with the toner. Throughout your face, swipe the pad containing the toner. Pay more attention to the forehead region. The toner is meant to get rid of the debris that the cleanser may have missed.
  4. Pour some baby powder on your palm and gently brush it all on the forehead. This is done so as to soak any moisture on the face and allow for proper adherence of the wax to the hair.
  5. Carefully read the directions on the wax kit. As advised on the package, warm the wax. Ensure you do not heat the wax too much as it may harm the forehead. Use low temperature wax or one that is specially made for the face. Always test the temperature of the wax on your palm before applying it on your face.
  6. Cut the cloth into 1 or 2 inch wide pieces. That size of strips is easier to work with.
  7. Take the stick in the wax kit and dip it into the wax. Apply the wax on your forehead smoothly. Dip the piece of cloth into the wax and using your fingers, press the cloth down firmly. Ensuring you maintain the direction of hair growth, smooth the strip on the forehead.
  8. After about ten seconds, hold the skin next to the piece of cloth on your forehead. Using the other hand, pull off the piece of cloth in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  9. Since this procedure may be very painful, place the heel of your hand immediately on the waxed area. Press your hand downwards to soothe the area.
  10. Repeat the procedure of smoothing maintaining 1-inch sections to ensure effectiveness. There may be inflammation that comes after waxing due to the swift withdrawal of the waxing cloth. To reduce any chances of inflammation, apply your cold compress on the waxed area for about 5 minutes.
  11. You may also experience skin irritation after waxing. To calm the irritation, apply the moisturizer evenly on your face.

You must be careful not to cause harm to your skin during and after waxing. Remember your face is your confidence. Below are some tips that ensure success of the waxing process;

  • To avoid breaking out after waxing your forehead, you are advised to use wax that does not contain chemicals.
  • On the day you wish to wax your face, avoid applying any lotions on your face.
  • You are also advised to take plenty of water before and after waxing your face.
  • In case you are taking Retin-A, or any oral or topical vitamin A products as well as Accutane, do not wax you face. When you are under the listed medication, your skin becomes thinner and hence you are exposed to a high risk of skin removal.
  • Another instance where you should not wax is if your skin is sensitive or sunburned, if you are using any acne medication, and if you have immune as well as circulation problems.
  • You are also required not to exfoliate areas that are freshly waxed.
  • You are supposed to avoid exposing your waxed forehead to the sun for at least 24 hours
  • Some hours before the waxing day, do not take alcohol or caffeinated beverages. This is because the two increase skin sensitivity making waxing more painful. [2]

Waxing is not the only effective method of removing baby hairs from your face; other natural methods include the following;

  1. Prepare a face mask using corn flour, eggs and sugar. Apply this mixture on your forehead and leave the face for twenty minutes so that it can dry. Peel the mixture off in the direction that is opposite the hair growth direction. Repeat this procedure once a day for two weeks. You will realize that your skin becomes smooth and free of baby hairs.
  2. Tweezing is another way to get rid of baby hairs. It does not however get rid of baby hairs permanently. The procedure is also very painful. Tweezing will remove the baby hairs from their roots and that ensures the baby hairs do not grow back so soon. You will tweeze again when the baby hairs show up.
  3. Make a thick paste using lemon juice, and honey in equal amounts. Apply the paste on the forehead region containing the baby hairs. Apply the paste towards the opposite direction of the baby hair growth. Leave the paste on the face for fifteen minutes then wash your face using old water. As you clean, you will realize that the baby hairs are plucking off. Repeat the procedure every day.
  4. You can also make another paste using sugar, lemon juice and water. Apply this paste on the forehead and leave it for fifteen minutes. The paste is sticky. Wash the forehead with water. Repeat the procedure two times in a week.
  5. Another mixture that has been found to work very well in getting rid of baby hairs is a mixture of yogurt and ¼ cup gram flour. You are also required to add a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons of water. Mix the ingredients well enough to make a consistent paste. Apply the mixture on the forehead then leave it for about 20minutes so that it dries completely. Repeat the procedure twice a week. [3]

How to get rid of baby hairs on hairline

The bay hairs on your hairline can be gotten rid of in the following ways;


This is a temporary way of getting rid of baby hairs on your hairline. Here, you use a razor and a shaving cream. You need to be careful so that you do not end up destroying your hairline. The razor may also cause injuries and skin irritation and so you must be cautious.

Use hair removal creams (depilatories)

These are chemicals that melt the baby hairs and hence eliminating them. This method is considered a great choice since it is painless and affordable. However, it is not effective for people with a sensitive skin. The chemicals are likely to trigger skin irritations as well as growth of unnecessary hairs on other parts of your body.


This is a professional method that uses the razor. A sharp razor is used very close to the skin to keenly cut off the baby hairs. It should be done by a professional otherwise you end up hurting your skin.


This method gets rid of baby hairs on your hairline for a considerably long time before they can grow again. It involves trapping the baby hairs using a thread then uprooting them from the skin hairline surface. This method is quite painful and should therefore not be used for babies.


Tweezing can be used to get rid of baby hair on the forehead as well as on the hairline. It involves use of sterilized tweezers to pluck off the hairs from their roots. This process like threading slows down regrowth of the baby hairs.

Any other ways to remove baby hair flyways that stick up

There are many other ways of getting rid of baby hairs discussed below. The methods discussed below get rid of baby hairs permanently and are only advisable if you are an adult;


This is a method that destroys the baby hairs permanently. It is used widely for different hair types and skin types. This method uses electric charges to destroy the roots and hair follicles of the baby hairs. It takes a lot of time since it involves getting rid of the baby hairs one at a time. Even that, it is one of the most effective ways of permanently getting rid of baby hairs.

Laser treatment

The light produced by the laser is converted to heat energy. This heat penetrates the skin into the hair follicles. It then kills the hair root and hence inhibiting hair growth. This treatment works best when used for dark baby hairs since it is found to target the pigmented hairs.  If you have light colored baby hairs, laser treatment may not be effective for you.

You will be required to go for about 6 to 8 treatments at intervals of two to three months. The heat produced by the laser may affect the surrounding hair follicles negatively. Consequently, you may have abnormal hair growths in other areas of your body. Kim Kardashian got rid of her baby hairs successfully using laser treatment. [4]

How to get rid of baby body hair

When your baby is covered with too much body hair, you may need to get rid of such hair. Most babies who have too much hair on their bodies were born prematurely. The name given to such baby hairs is lanugo. Below are some of the methods that are safe for your baby’s body hair removal;

  • Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and milk to make a paste. Apply this mixture on the parts of your baby’s body that are covered with hair. Rub the paste gently on the skin to remove the hairs. They are never too stubborn and hence they are easily gotten rid of. You should repeat the procedure each day.
  • Take olive oil and massage it on the baby’s skin. Next, apply a paste made of milk cream and split red lentils powdered finely. If you massage the baby’s skin each day, you will note a remarkable difference in a few days.
  • You can also make a mixture of gram flour and wheat flour in a ratio of 1:2 respectively. Roll the soft dough into a small ball and rub it on the baby’s skin gently. You should apply it on the baby each time before bath time. [5]







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