Silica for Hair Growth, Reviews, Gel Supplements, Liquid, Tablet and Side Effects

Does silica help hair grow faster? Silica gel and supplements in the form of liquids and tablets have been said to help with hair growth. Here are the reviews, pictures and how to use bamboo silica for hair growth. We have also discussed the possible side effects and how much silica you should take to see positive results.

Silica is an important mineral when you are shedding the hair excessively causing hair loss and it also assists both women and men for lack lustre as well as thinning hair. It is vital to know how silica works so as to achieve a healthy looking vitalized hair.

Silica for hair growth - does silica help hair grow long and thick
Does silica help hair grow long and thick?

Silica for hair growth appears to be in two-fold.

  • Firstly, silica assists to achieve a hormonal balance. An imbalance in the female sex hormones is one of the biggest single causal factors for the hair loss and the thinning of hair.

An intake of the silica will most definitely assist to prevent the hair thinning, restore vitality to the hair and may also address hair loss without the need for a hormone mimicking herbs. This property is very suitable for those with a cell mutation that is associated with excess oestrogen.

  • Secondly, silica bonds with several minerals in the body as indicated. Aside from removal of aluminium from the body, silica also takes most of the nutrients to the peripherals of the body, namely the hair, skin as well as the nails, and thus ensures that the hair follicles are supplied with all the required minerals important for hair growth and vitality.

Your nails are one of the hallmarks of beauty in modern culture. If you are not happy with the state of the nails, whether they are very brittle, have spots on them, ridges or even simply are not happy with the way they appear, then the silica supplementation can be vital.

Silica takes all the nutrients to the nails assisting not only to provide strength but also feeds the nail bed with all the important nutrients for encouraging of the healthy and strong nails.

How to Use Silica for Hair Growth

A herbal hair rinse that normally supports a strong hair and hair growth.  Brew a strong herbal tea (about 1/2 cup horsetail to 1 cup water), stir for an hour, strain and then use as a hair rinse in the shower.

A person can also take supplement tablets.

Silica supplements for hair growth

Silica supplements for hair growth
Silica supplements for hair growth

Silica is a much unknown mineral that is absolutely astounding bearing in mind what it does for the body. Also called Silicon, it is a quality combination of the silicon and oxygen, which are the two most abundant elements on earth.

It is within the grass that herbivores eat whilst meat eating animals have much less of it within their bodies. Silica is found in most of the vegetables including the leafy greens and onions and whole grains.

Silica, when used for hair growth promotes good mineral balance between the calcium and magnesium within the body. This mineral balance then assists with hormonal balance. This hormonal balance in turn is crucial as it is precisely hormonal imbalances that cause osteoporosis.

By achieving the hormonal balance and its ability to enhance bone mineralization, silica is very invaluable in the treatment as well as prevention of osteoporosis and ideally every good calcium supplement should have some silica in the formulation.

  • Silica energizes the immune system and it is said that its action on alkalizing the body may have a lot to do with the property.
  • The alkalizing property of the silica is crucial as an acidic environment within the body, normally due to poor dietary choices, leads to usually a compromised immune system and illnesses.
  • Silica is also needed for the manufacture of the antibodies and antigens both of which are essential components of a healthy immune system.

Consuming this mineral together with healthy dietary choices and an exercise plan will assist to restore the healthy pH levels within your body.

Silica used for hair growth is also used by every single cell and every internal gland within the bodies. Silica has a very big impact on strengthening of the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system that relies on calcium and magnesium for the optimal transmission of the nerve impulses. Silica can also be of value in the elderly for giving protection against Alzheimer’s condition as it counteracts the aluminum’s effects on the body by helping in its removal.

Silica may be of good value when the skin starts to sag which obviously makes us look prematurely aged. One of the components of collagen is normally silica. Since collagen is the connective tissue that makes up the skin, it is not very difficult to realize the importance of enough silica levels within the bodies.  Having enough collagen will make the skin appear very soft and young which in turn assists with suppleness and even an increased capability of being moisturized.

Whenever collagen is damaged in the skin, and incidentally this is happening all the time because of free radical damage, silica is needed to take care of this by rebuilding and also regenerating of the connective tissue. Incidentally, silica is equally an excellent supplement in combating of the mild to moderate acne.

It does so by firstly enhancing of the collagen production that ensures healthy outer cell layers of the skin which are less likely to get inflamed from the hormonal waste that is normally connected with the acne. Additionally, silica supplementation is perfect for the removal of the toxins which arise as a result of the digestion. These toxins usually seep into the bloodstream and lead to inflammation causing acne and dull lifeless skin.

Aside from its role in the hair, skin and nails, silica’s much wider role throughout the body implies that we really have to ensure that we do not have a deficiency in this mineral. Silica is found in various vegetables and fruits and very little research has been carried out as to the possible deficiencies that exist in the population though it is normally accepted that with silica’s wide role of activity, deficiencies are much more than likely.

Silica is a trace mineral, while the body requires only a small amount, that amount is very essential for its health, including that of the skin and scalp. The silica for hair growth also assists to strengthen the blood vessels and improve the circulation, which might stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and encourage growth. It also is a necessary component of the skin’s connective tissues and assists to strengthen the bones, nails and hair.

Animal sources give much lower levels of silica than the plant sources. The refining and even the processing of foods reduces the amount of silica content, and also the soils are normally depleted of this mineral. Good food sources of silica are the unrefined cereals, apples, almonds,  fish, oats and seeds. Unfortunately, most of the silica rich foods that are consumed give silica in a non-bio-available form again accounting for the possible deficiencies.

Supplements are the best source of correcting the silica deficiencies and these are normally derived from the herb known as Equisetum arvense, commonly called Springtime Horsetail, often referred to as Bamboo.

Most silica supplements provide with this important mineral by use of Horsetail extracts that unfortunately only provide about between 5% and 8% of organic silica mostly depending upon the brand. Supplements that have Bamboo Extract are the richest source of silica that have 70% of organic silica which is roughly ten times more potent for a much more prominent effect on the healthy hair, skin and also strong nails.

Bamboo Extract assists:

  • to build healthy bones, teeth and also the nails
  • helps prevents the wrinkles and keep skin beautiful
  • Helps to promote growth of thick and beautiful hair.

Bamboo Extract is not a supplement for the young people who have an a good amount of silica.  If you are in the fifties then it is likely that you will be deficient in silica.  If you care about the state of the hair, skin as well as the nails, then you should ensure that you obtain the silica from one source – Bamboo Extract.

Silica vitamin tablets

Silica is very essential to the bone growth and for the development of the body. When you are young, the body has enough levels of silica for hair growth which is the reason why children have beautiful silky hair, soft skin and also perfect nails.

We are all born with very large amounts of silica and very low amounts of calcium but as we age, then we lose silica and the bodies deposit calcium in the glands which causes what is termed as calcification of the tissues and the subsequent loss of the gland functions.

Calcium needs vitamin D3 for its absorption but it also needs silica for the utilization of the calcium into building very strong bones and teeth. A calcium deficiency is invariably related to a deficiency in amount of silica. Several researches have shown that people who have broken bones heal a lot quicker when the silica levels are high irrespective of the calcium levels in the bloodstream.

The study in US recognizes the imperative requirement for silica supplementation so as to bolster health and even fight chronic diseases that hamper longevity.

  • Medical measurements confirm that silica levels drop as age increases.
  • Traditional food sources that have silica such as potato, oat and millet are yielding less of the nutrient because of the  chemically charged agricultural practices and also food refining process, that remove traces of the mineral.
  • The modern American diet is very deficient in the essential micro nutrients, especially the silica.
  • Persistent problems on the hair, skin as well as the nails proliferate in the pandemic proportions because of widespread nutritional deficiency in silica.

According to the research, an average person’s daily intake of silica from food runs between 20 to 60 milligrams, a quantity which is not enough to meet the body’s requirement. People who take some type of silica supplements at about 200 mg or even more per day will be able to meet its full beneficial effects.

Silica gel for hair growth

Silica is a lesser-known micro nutrient that plays key roles in the growth as well as development in humans. It is otherwise called silicon, which is one of the most plentiful minerals in the universe. Silica is much responsible for the collagen synthesis. Collagen encompasses the connective tissues and the skin, including the hair follicles.

This trace mineral regulates of calcium and the magnesium, elements that normally form bones and teeth. It helps in regulation of the absorption and balance of the minerals. A hormonal imbalance of the minerals causes osteoporosis. Silica serves to consolidate the bone mineralization for a stronger bone development and to mitigate and even counter tendencies in bone deformation.

Silica has alkalizing qualities that counters the body’s acidic environment because of poor diet choices. It controls the pH in the body so as to safeguard it against the attacks to the immune system and the diseases. An acidic scalp is an invitation to the infection, damaged follicles as well as the hair breakage.

Research that was performed on the trace mineral since the 17th century up to the present has confirmed the secrets to infant’s supple skin, radiant hair as well as flawless nails. Calcium requires vitamin D3 for a proper absorption and essentially needs silica so as to convert calcium into building blocks of the bones and teeth. All the trace minerals that are mentioned are basically factors in the treatment of the hair loss.

Here are two ways it can help you in the hair health issues.

  1. Silica’s ability to provide solution to the hormone imbalance is outstanding. This excess of the hormones occurs in women who result in an unhappy state of the hair or even the skin and also spoiled mood. Silica supplements for the hair growth that will definitely assist in hormone equilibrium and also restore hair vitality by working from the inside out. It can be a more effective way than taking some of the herbs that has hormone-mimicking content.
  2. Silica also transports nutrients to the limbs of the body like the nails and hair. It delivers vital nutrients to the follicles so as to repair the skin and also revive the hair growing cycles. As silica bonds with most of the other minerals in the body, an individual will achieve an improved level of health, and also a long, lustrous and thick hair that only silica can provide.

Liquid silica for hair

Liquid silica is a health supplement that normally supports the connective tissues in the body. Liquid silica also facilitates the construction of the connective tissues both on the inside and the outside of the tissues. Manufacturers of the liquid silica for hair growth products also claim that as a supplement, liquid silica also provides both cosmetic benefits and as well supports an overall healthy disposition.

Doctors know the benefits of the organic silica before the discovery of silica’s liquid form.

Silica is a substance that exists in almost every part of the body including the most of the parts that naturally starts to show the signs of aging. Because silica for hair growth assists to build the connective tissue, a liquid silica supplement may assist to restore the wrinkled, sagging skin.

Additionally, liquid silica can also assist to revitalize hair that dulls over the years, and improve brittle, broken nails. Liquid silica may also, according to the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, assist a person fight aging as both an internal and as an external health supplement.

Liquid silica also may benefit the conditions that disrupt the inner-workings of the stomach. This includes conditions like indigestion, ulcers, inflammation and other intestinal problems. When a person consumes liquid silica orally, it functions by coating the inner linings of the intestinal tract, thus reducing the signs of many intestinal problems. Additionally, liquid silica supports an overall healthy intestinal structure by assisting to build the connective tissue.

How much silica to grow hair

Most of the health professionals normally recommend that, so as to get the optimal benefits from the silica supplements that you opt for about 60 mcg of the mineral each day. This number should be from a combination of the dietary sources as well as the supplements.

Good foods to increase the consumption so as to reach the recommended dosage include root vegetables and water. Medical professionals also estimate that the average adult person currently ingests about between from 14 to 62 mcg of silica each day and also point out that one of the most common ingredients that is found in silica supplements is the herb horsetail which is rich in silica.

  • 20-50mg daily of the silica for hair growth from horsetail is recommended for adults. However,
    500-6000mg daily is a common therapeutic amount.
  • Be sure that you are taking plenty of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) if you are taking more than about 30mg of silica from horsetail daily.

Silica for hair growth reviewsSilica for hair growth tablets reviews how to use

It is through the aging process of the skin, minerals like silica may deplete, and the aging problems start. Which is the reason why the benefits of silica are so popular.

Colloidal silica for hair growth health benefits, when taken regularly, will apparently improve the hair, skin as well as the nails strength, and assists to slow down the aging process.

Silica is available in substantial amounts in a wide range of foods, which includes the potatoes (especially the outer layers), strawberries, green and red peppers, cucumbers, barley, wheat, rice, and asparagus. Processing of the foods and the chemical treatments of the soil in which the vegetables and grains grow may significantly decrease the silica content of the foods. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the organically grown, unprocessed foods.

Silicon dioxide, is a natural compound that is often found in certain crystals like the quartz and in most of the plants on the planet.

When used in smaller quantities, silica may be incredibly useful for the body also. Silica works by repairing and also improving connective structures inside the body, like the cartilage and weakening of the joints.

Silica for hair growth always works by detoxing the body of toxics. One of the major toxics silica that diminishes is the aluminum. Too much of the aluminum in the body could cause all types of the serious problems, including brains calcification and cancer.

When dealing with hair care, most of the women have thus sworn by the magic touch on what silica supplements have given them.

The body relies much on silica to grow strong the hair and nails. It is what assists the nails grow thick and our hair to be more durable and firm. A lack of the silica might present a lot of problems like the hair loss, weak joints and associated pain, brittle nails and scaly, dry skin.

Hence, why it is important to ensure the silica is put to par.

If you are not into taking supplements as much as you should, consider establishing a diet that includes more of the silica-based foods. Wheat foods like the rice and also oats all have silica. Vegetables that have silica in them are the dark green leafy veggies and beetroots. Other foods are the bananas, cooked green beans and raisins.

The foods with the highest amounts are bananas, wholegrain bread, green beans and organic carrots. Include them more often in your diet plan for better silica intake.

Silica for hair growth side effects

When choosing a silica for hair growth, it is vital that you keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t regulate the supplements which implies you should always apply caution and talk to the doctor before opting for a particular brand.

  • Vitamin Deficiency. Some study has indicated that long-term use of the silica supplements can lead to the loss of some of the other essential vitamins that the body needs.

That is because the supplements have thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys vitamin B1 (thiamine) in the body. This implies that long-term use of the supplements may lead to thiamine deficiency which in severe cases can cause losing control of the muscles or even paralysis.

  • Excessive Urination. Some medical teams have also linked the ingestion of silica supplements to the excessive urination in some other cases, although this is normally counteracted for the people who have edema.

Because of this, it is normally recommended that you ensure you consume enough water so as to prevent dehydration and the effects that are associated with it. Because of the requirement for over-hydration while on silica supplements, you can also be at risk for the low levels of potassium as this nutrient is normally flushed from the system.

  • Kidney Function. Some of the medical teams have also expressed concerns that use of silica supplements for a longer period of time may lead to severe kidney trouble. People who take the supplements have reported presence of kidney stones and the medical professionals believe it may be due to a buildup of extra silica within the body as only the small quantities are needed for a proper bodily functions.

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