Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Color

If you have been thinking of either going blonde or becoming a redhead lately, why not try strawberry blonde hair dye and color? Blonde hair with those red highlights can really give great effects on your hair. Here is a list of the best dyes and brands, a simple guide on how to get strawberry blonde hair and its shades such as dark and light shades. And here’s the best bit: you will like the strawberry hair color ideas and photos I have included to inspire your style today.

Did you know that only two percent of the world’s population is naturally blonde? Well, you too can join them by coloring your hair at home with a good quality hair dye. You will come out as though you are a natural blonde. But what is the best blonde hair color kit to buy?

Best Strawberry blonde hair dye color
Blonde hair with a strawberry tint – Courtesy of Girl Get Glamorous (Molly)

There are too many options that you can try on, including strawberry hair extensions if you do not want the trouble of dyeing your hair with permanent and temporary products. I always recommend that my clients take extensions if their hair is shorter than the desired length, or when they have damaged hair and would like to go blonde. But that is a discussion for another day. Here’s a list of the highly rated blonde hair colors

5 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye and Colors

As you might have noticed in our previous guide on ash blonde hair ideas, the top rated brands are almost the same because they produce the best temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes. You can get these hair colors at drugstore for cheap and still achieve the highlights or shades of blonde that are just as good as those that celebrities wear. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite strawberry blonde hair color brands and products. These are very easy to use, and have the best intensity without damaging your hair.

1.    L’Oreal Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

L’Oreal makes some of the best dyes out there. They market their colors as fade defying and I tend to think they mean just that when compared to a lot of other brands I have reviewed. So, which L’Oreal color should you buy? Well, there is a range called Preference. A top quality strawberry blonde color is the L’Oreal Preference 9GR Light Golden Reddish Blonde.

  • The 9GR is good for people who have a warm skin tone.
  • If you are of cool skin tone, avoid this one because you will end up with hair that looks too orange or something close to yellow.
  • Another important recommendation is that L’Oreal hair dye in strawberry blonde is very suitable for people with naturally lighter hair than those with darker natural hair. If your hair is lighter than medium brown, then you can use this color.
  • Lastly, it is a permanent dye. So, if you are looking for a semi-permanent hair dye or something temporary, go with the others and not the 9GR.
Strawberry blonde hair dye color
Lighter shade, almost natural.

2.    Revlon Hair Color in Blonde Strawberry Shade

From Revlon Colorsilk, we all know that their products are also good. I particularly think most people I have seen review Revlon products think that the Colorsilk 72 Strawberry Blonde product is one of the best for creating strawberry highlights with a ting of copper tones. It is a permanent hair color with a level 8 medium blonde depth. If you want to go blonde on a fair skin and different eye colors, consider the following two tips.

  • Avoid applying it to hair that was previously dyed any darker than a medium blonde tint. Also, if your natural hair is darker than medium brown, avoid using this permanent dye.
  • Since red hair tones fade faster than other colors, ensure you use a good conditioner on your hair to make the color intensity long lasting.

3.    Garnier Nutrisse

We have not been using Garnier products so much lately, but the Garnier Nutrisse Hair Coloring #94, according to most reviews I have seen, was one of the best strawberry blonde hair dye brands out there. Its exact tint is apricot, or if you like a light reddish blonde.

UPDATE: It might be unfortunate that this one has been discontinued, but there are other light strawberry blonde colors from them. Or perhaps it is time to try strawberry blonde hair wigs – kidding. What about Clairol brand? Can we find something?

4.    Clairol Nice N’ Easy 107

Another top brand is Clairol. The Nice N’ Easy 107 product produces a sun-lit effect on your hair with the reddish tones of strawberries that you are just looking for. Being a conditioning treatment, it will make your hair with a naturally striking shade. The box indicates that in one easy step of application, you will change your hair color fast enough without too many procedures. This color also has a 100 percent grey coverage according to the manufacturer. You can also use this to make your own highlights.

Strawberry hair with curls
Curls look great, don’t they? Courtesy of Latest-Hairstyles as branded.

Sally’s Beauty Supply hair extensions and colors are also known to give a great effect and contrast on skin for people who are looking for copper and reddish toned hair. You could also try them if you do not want to dye your hair permanently or semi-permanently.

Something that is worth knowing for any woman who wants to go blonde, especially if your hair is brown, dark brown (brunette hair colors) to natural black hair, bleaching must be part of the process. You see it is easy to work around strawberry blonde hair color ideas when you are a natural blonde than when you want to completely shift to this warm hair shade.

Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair and Does it Exist?

The question you are asking probably is, “Is there natural strawberry blonde hair?” Does it exist? Are there people with such a hues? You have seen people who have ginger-like hair and their tone is close to light strawberry blonde. According to Wikipedia, there are different shades of blonde that are used to define the exact match of the natural hair color.

They go ahead and classify them including golden blonde, dirty blond, platinum, yellow, ash blond, bleached blond, sandy blond, flaxen and strawberry or venetian blond. Our color is also called honey blond. Basically, there are a few people with this reddish blond shade and if you compare them to redheads, they lie between them and those with ginger-like hair. So, if you are not a natural strawberry blond, will this dye suit you?

There are natural hair color formula products or kits that you can buy to put on your hair and change to this. But how will you look with this hair color idea? Will it look good on you?

Warm strawberry blonde hair
Warm look on blue eyes
  • This shade of blonde stands out as a lighter color with reddish hair dominating. Some people prefer the red highlights to be dominant while others use it as a whole color for the hair.
  • According to Scharzkopf, “Everybody with a light rosy complexion will look terrific wearing strawberry blonde hair.”

If your natural hair color is far from any blonde, you might want to bleach it first and maybe try on a natural Henna Maiden Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye. This will add color, body and shine to your hair without any side effects such as hair damage. What’s more is that these hair coloring kits and boxes are inexpensive.

How to Get Strawberry Blonde Hair at Home

Whether you are coloring from brown hair, or from platinum, you can get this hair color right at home. With a good guide or instructions, you can do a DIY at home and get the shade correctly. It is a risk though and if it is your first time coloring your hair, you could easily start finding out how to get rid of strawberry hair dye out of hair. Let’s go ahead and learn how to go blonde in red tones at home.

Things you need:

  • Box of L’Oreal Red Penny
  • Box of L’Oreal Reddish Blonde
  • A towel
  • A timer
  • A mixing bottle (large enough)
Copper tint, more of a darker shade.
Courtesy of Getty.

You can use this procedure to get highlights or to color all the hair. Highlights are going to be harder though because you need to be very careful with them.


  1. Pour the contents of the two L’Oreal boxes in to the mixing bottle
  2. Cover the tip with the cap or finger (if you are wearing gloves) and then shake for a minute to mix well
  3. Add color tubes from the two boxes and then mix as well
  4. Shake well for a minute to ensure that the two shades mix evenly
  5. Start the timer to avoid brassiness after you are done. Be fast with the next step
  6. Color your hair starting with the area around your face. Ensure you cover it well. This should take approx. 5 minutes.
  7. Allow the color to sit for about 25 minutes, and about 30 minutes if you have greys you are covering
  8. Add the remaining dye to the middle and ends of your hair and allow to sit for 20 minutes
  9. Use running water at medium heat and wash your hair as you massage the color from your scalp
  10. When you see clear water, condition your hair in a shampooing manner for about 30 seconds.
  11. Rinse it all out and then add the conditioner to the bottom half part of your hair and allow to sit for about 5 minutes.

See the video at the end – that will guide you through the process described above. (Adapted from GirlGetGlamorous)

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Shades

Almost all hair colors com in endless shades and tints, tones and twists and even hairstyles that make them stunning and flattering. All shades of this hair color, when reflecting light produce a red fiery spark that is really warm and exciting. There are many shades you can try: refined beige, bright strawberry tresses, two toned locks, white gold strawberry blonde, cool toned highlights, rainbow coloristic highlights, intense toned blonde, honey strawberry, soft creamy, pearly, pastel, cream, buttery, strawberry blonde ombre and almost red.

The choice of these shades depends on your skin tone, eye color and other aspects of your beauty. Mostly, girls who are of warm skin tones will find these reddish tones very attractive on them. Almost red strawberry blonde hair is really good on fair skin with blue eyes. That is the trend and your hair colorist should help you choose the right tint if you are of olive skin tone, dark skin tone etc. I developed particular interest with two standard shades – dark and light strawberries.

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

L’Oreal’s preference fade defying color kit 9GR or golden reddish is a light strawberry blonde hair color shade that comes “with a red tone, which will enhance warmth in your hair. For optimal color results, use on light blonde to dark blonde hair.” From the pictures, most women use lighter shades to make highlights in their hair because it produces great ombre strands.

Light strawberry blonde hair color with highlights
Light hair color with highlights. (Courtesy of Latest-Hairstyles)

From my own experiments, light blonde hair is always warmed up nicely with some subtle highlights of gold. People with light to medium skin tones can look good with the sweet light highlights, especially if you have long, thick hair because it is the ideal texture for lighter shades. In short, lighter shades suit fair skin tones and porcelain pale skin because lighter shades of this hair color have pink undertones that will make your skin radiant.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Ideas

So, what about darker shades? One amazing fact about dark strawberry blonde is that it has three different tints, making it give you a totally dynamic look. It has the qualities of blonde itself, brown and red. You will definitely have all these shades in your hair. Dark blonde in strawberry is suitable for both tanned skin and also fair skin. The dye to buy? AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liqui-Creme Haircolor 7RC.

[youtube id=”byCD2NuKHys” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

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  1. Nice tutorial and very nice pics congratulations, that braids look fantastic and are very versatile,thanks for share this informative post for best hair color.

  2. Colorsilk 72 strawberry blond is no more. They discontinued it over 2 years ago. It was the best strawberry blond out there. I knew at least 3 other people who used it. So if there were 4 of us in my little group, think how many people are upset over them discontinuing it. And you couldn’t beat the price.

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  4. It’s 2022 and I still haven’t found a strawberry blonde close to Revlon Colorsilk 72. It’s really disappointing. I even emailed Revlon several times in the past. I guess since only 4% of the world are natural redheads, it’s not a priority for Revlon.

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