Does Nioxin Work for Hair Loss, Growth & Thinning?

Wondering if nioxin does really work? Here is detailed review of the, shampoo, systems, scalp treatment therapy, before and after pictures, side effects and it compares with other hair care products

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin was developed by Eva Graham. This was after she noticed that her hair was thinning after the birth of her child. This was around 1987. Since then, nioxin has been found to be very beneficial to the hair.

It is is a brand of eight scalp and hair care systems that are created to help in treating thinning hair.

How does nioxin work? shampoo and system kit review

Nioxin Ingredients and how they help Hair

Nioxin was developed majorly for hair thinning. However, it has been found to stop hair loss and promote general hair growth. When Eva developed nioxin, she wished that it would turn out to be a product that treated scalp problems.

Nioxin has many botanical ingredients and herbal ingredients all of which work together to stop scalp inflammation. In most cases, scalp inflammation is caused by androgens that are found to bind to the receptors found on your scalp. Scalp inflammation causes scarring of the scalp and eventually hair loss.

Ensulizole and phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid are the main ingredients of nioxin.  Nioxin also has folic acid, biotin, thiamine and vitamins such as vitamin B. The natural ingredients in nioxin, for example in nioxin shampoo, protect your scalp and hair follicles; freeing them of any damage.

Apart from that, nioxin has also been found to target hormones which are associated with hair loss. Nioxin also ensures that your general hair growth from the roots is strong. Nioxin shampoo is a blend of synthetic and natural hair products especially those found to stimulate hair growth.

Nioxin shampoo is made using some natural ingredients that remedy hair loss. The natural extracts making up nioxin shampoo include; chamomile, sage, balm mint, rosemary, yarrow, hops, aloe vera, wheat amino acids, biotin, wheat proteins, niacin, mucopolysaccharides, sorbitol, tucopherol and yarrow. The role of most of the ingredients is discussed below.

Nioxin, as already mentioned, has active synthetic ingredients such as; acetamide, nioxin complex, cocamide DEA, tertrasodium EDTA, lauryl sulfate, propylparaben, and methylparaben. When applied on the scalp, nioxin provides a cleansing action on your scalp. It removes dandruff and dirt which is likely to clog your hair pores.

Additionally, nioxin provides your hair and scalp with moisture. It also gets rid of excess sebum on your scalp. The natural ingredients in nioxin such as proteins and amino acids penetrate the scalp and provide nutrients for your hair follicles with immediate effect.

Biotin plays the role of strengthening your hair and boosting its texture and general appearance. Biotin also supports cellular metabolism ensuring the nutrients are utilized efficiently by the scalp.

Niacin in nioxin nourishes your hair cells. This nourishment ensures proper blood circulation to the hair cells. For proper hair growth, your hair cells need to acquire oxygen and nutrients optimally. Nioxin by supporting blood circulation ensures that nutrients and oxygen reach your hair cells.

Antioxidants contained in nioxin include tucopherol mentioned above. Antioxidants provide protection to your hair cells so that they are not damaged by free radicals. Moreover, tucopherol prevents the possibility of toxic residues damaging the scalp. Sorbitol and mucopolysaccharides act as nutrients for your hair and they also strengthen the membranes of your hair cells.

Dihydrotestosterone also referred to as DHT is the androgen which mainly leads to the male pattern hair loss. Building up of DHT        causes a reduction in population and efficiency of hair cells and consequently, you experience balding and thinning of your hair. The herbs that constitute nioxin inhibit the effects of DHT and as such, its effect on your hair cells.

The only time nioxin may not work efficiently for you is if you have already experienced permanent and significant amount of hair loss. Nioxin slows down the hair thinning process but promotion of new hair after hair loss by nioxin is still undergoing research.

How long does it take nioxin to work?

When you use nioxin for your hair correctly, you expect to have your hair grow denser in approximately 30 days. For some people, it may take three months before you realize the full effects of nioxin. It is therefore necessary that you use nioxin patiently until your realize full effects. You are advised to apply the selected nioxin product two to three times a day for faster results.

Nioxin Shampoo Reviews + Conditioner

A review on nioxin shampoo for hair confirms that there are numerous benefits you will attain if you use this shampoo. To begin with, nioxin shampoo slows down possibility of hair loss while maintain a healthy scalp. The review also shows that nioxin shampoo is a thickening shampoo which will change the appearance of thinning hair over time.

This shampoo is however found to work effectively for those people who have just started balding or rather, people who have mild to medium thinning. From reviews, 70% of people who use nioxin realize a larger volume of their hair in as short as a month.

Nioxin System kits-1,2,3,4,5,6

Nioxin brand has 8 kits under which it is sold. The nioxin systems are classified from one to eight. Each system will help a different hair type and a particular stage of hair loss. This is because the benefits obtained from each stage vary. The eight systems are discussed below;

System 1

It is beneficial to people with natural fine hair which has or has not signs of hair thinning. Nioxin system 1 as well as system 2 discussed below is made up of a hair conditioner and a cleanser.

System 2

This nioxin system works for natural and fine hair which has already shown signs of thinning.  Like system 1, this system strengthens the hair roots and prevents the possibility of blockage by DHT.

System 3

This system is specified for fine and chemically treated hair which has shown or has not shown signs of hair thinning. Chemically treated hair is hair that has been subjected to chemicals to enhance its volume, color, relaxers or perms. This nioxin system does not regrow your hair. However, it stops hair loss and gives your hair strands a greater volume making your hair thicker.

System 4

This nioxin system is for chemically treated fine hair that has shown signs of thinning. This nioxin system works gently and effectively on fine and thin hair to ensure DHT is blocked. This system also protects your scalp and adds strength as well as thickness to your hair shafts. It is found to be very gentle to colored hair as it treats it without interfering with the hair color.[1]

System 5

This is a system for coarse or medium natural hair showing or not showing signs of hair thinning.

System 6

Nioxin system 6 is for medium or coarse hair that is natural and has shown noticeable signs of thinning.

System 7

This system is made for medium or coarse hair which is treated chemically and has shown or not shown signs of early thinning.

System 8

This is the final nioxin system and it is for medium or coarse hair which is treated chemically and has shown signs of hair thinning.

Nioxin system kits-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-review
System -kit- photo credit [ulta]

Nioxin Scalp Treatment Recovery Therapy Reviews

If you wish to treat your scalp, you will need to first of all choose the appropriate nioxin product. Although different nioxin products have varying instructions on how to use, below are standard guidelines and steps towards scalp therapy and treatment.

Step 1

Wash your hair to ensure it is well rinsed. Put a small amount of the cleanser on the palm. Rub your hands together to ensure the cleanser is finely spread then apply it all through your scalp from the roots to the hair ends. Massage the cleanser for about a minute ensuring you are very gentle. Rinse your hair very well repeating the application and rinsing where required.

Step 2

Take Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner and apply a thin coat of it on your scalp. Ensure you reach your hair roots. Let the product be absorbed into your scalp at least for a minute. Rinse your hair thoroughly patting it dry with a clean towel.

Step 3

While your hair is still damp, apply a small amount (dime-sized) of Nioxin Hair Booster on your hair. Ensure your hairline is well covered. Use your fingers to ensure the product is pushed back to the rest of your hair.

Step 4

Ensure your scalp is exposed by parting your hair apart. Spray Nioxin Scalp Treatment on your scalp. Ensure all the scalp is sprayed with the nioxin treatment. Spread it throughout your hair using your fingers and ensuring none of it falls into your eyes. Comb your hair for proper distribution of the scalp treatment. Blow your hair then style it as desired.[2]

nioxin scalp treatment therapy and recovery
Scalp treatment

What are the user reviews?

There has been several positive customer reviews on use of nioxin on your scalp. Below are some of the reviews;

Daveo, 31st March, 2012

Daveo says that nioxin shampoo is very expensive but he recommends it for anyone who intends to have thick hair. He says that he began using the shampoo at the age of 35 and since then, there has been a significant difference in his hair. At 70, his hair is still voluminous. Daveo insists that, even though you may have to spend a lot of money buying the shampoo, it is worth it.

Mamagal605, 10th July, 2013

Mamagal expresses her love for nioxin shampoo. She explains that she has been using this shampoo for years and it has never stopped working wonders for her. Mamagal explains that she started using nioxin as soon as her hair started falling off. The satisfaction she derives from the shampoo encourages her to use it many more times. [Amazon]

Other Nioxin Hair Products-Booster, Pills, Gel & Spray

Nioxin Hair follicle booster

Nioxin hair follicle booster is one of nioxin’s major products. It is very effective in treatment of hair follicle disorders. This booster is available in most drug stores and online pharmaceuticals since it is a nonprescription. Nioxin hair follicle booster places your scalp in the best possible condition for hair growth.

Nioxin follicle booster contains ingredients that are effective at preventing hair loss and strengthening your hair. The ingredients include; vitamins and minerals such as; iron, copper, caffeine, and biotin. It also has herbal remedies such as ginkgo, ginseng and palmetto. These two different ingredients play different roles.

Palmetto, caffeine, and biotin are ingredients that offer treatment to the hair follicles and also inhibit DHT which triggers hair loss. The other ingredients such as ginkgo and ginseng protect your hair from harsh environmental changes as well as ultra violet rays.[3]

Nioxin thickening gel & spray

Hair spray

There are many hair sprays that are a product of nioxin. They offer almost the same benefits to your hair. When you use nioxin’s innovative volumizing hair spray, your hair instantly acquires a better texture and a lift. You will realize that your hair appears healthier and thinning starts to disappear.

Nioxin sprays made in the pro-thick technology give your hair a long-lasting texture. When sprayed on your hair, they create bonds in between your hair strands and hence your hair appears fuller and denser making it easy to style.

Like most other nioxin products, this hair spray leaves no build up on your scalp. However, it may not work so well with baby hairs so focus its use on the rest of the hair. Summarized advantages of nioxin thickening spray are; it controls frizz, it has light weight, it is easy to use, it provides a strong hold, it smells great and it is non-greasy.


Nioxin thickening gel gives your hair extra volume and shine. An advantage is that it does its work without leaving any build-up on your scalp. When you use nioxin thickening gel, your scalp acquires a great environment for hair growth. Nioxin thickening gel that has BioAMP is considered the best.

This gel gives your hair a lift and it can be used by both males and females. Nioxin gel is found to hold your hair strongly without causing any flaking. When you apply this gel on your hair, it acquires a curl definition.

Moreover, nioxin gel adds strength to your hair rom the cuticle without leaving any build up. It regulates moisture content on your scalp. You are only required to apply the desired amount then style your hair normally.

Nioxin diaboost

If your hair is fine and thin, you may want to try various products that add volume to your hair. The challenge is however that most products build up and your hair strands are weighed down. Good news is, nioxin diaboost will give your hair the required thickness without causing any buildup.

When you carry out Diaboost Thickening Xtransfusion Treatment, your hair strands are strengthened and they become thicker. When used on your hair, nioxin diaboost gives your hair an immediate good appearance. It is referred to as an instant-fix product.

Among the ingredients that you look for in nioxin diaboost are; menthol, benzyl salicylate, parfum, caffeine, panthenol, and peppermint oil. There are many other ingredients but the listed are the major ones. Nioxin diaboost is easy to use.

Nioxin pills

You may opt to use nioxin in the form of pills that act as supplements. Some of the pills available are 90 tablets of Nioxin recharging complex.  Nioxin tablets works as a mineral supplement and multivitamins. The tablets are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and marine concentrates. The vitamins contained in the tablet include; vitamin A, B6, B12, C and D. They also have Riboflavin, thiamine, Biotin, and Niacin.

Nioxin Side Effects & Safety-Allergies & During Pregnancy

Do users experience allergic reaction to nioxin

Different people react differently to nioxin products.  Some individuals may develop an allergic reaction following use of nioxin products.  Even that, you need not be scared since nioxin products rarely cause undesirable effects. Most of the products are designed such that they are gentle and mild.

You will develop an allergic reaction maybe if your scalp is very sensitive to chemicals. Apart from that, if you are allergic to herbal products, you may also develop such allergic reactions.

Some of the allergic reactions that may come as a result of nioxin include; irritation, mouth and facial swelling, redness, flaking of the scalp, and breaking out into hives. One of the ingredients that most people are allergic to is propylene glycol.

Is nioxin safe while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you are advised not to use nioxin products. This is because; some of the ingredients making up nioxin may react with your body which is very sensitive at that point. Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, you should avoid nioxin products when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other known side effects

There are other side effects which are associated with the ingredients making up nioxin. The side effects are discussed below based on the specific ingredients;


This ingredient causes skin flushing when taken orally. When niacin is applied on the skin, it may cause a skin flushing reaction as well. Niacin causes your blood vessels to be dilated and hence more blood flow to the skin.

Salicylic acid

This acid can dry your skin, hair and scalp. You may end up with skin flaking, irritation, and scalp redness. If you continuously use nioxin, your hair may end up brittle and porous.

Nioxin Before and After Pictures

Below are before and after photos

Nixon before and after
Women hair loss
nioxin before after results men

Nioxin vs Rogaine vs Bosley

Nioxin vs rogaine

Nioxin for hair treatment, as broadly discussed above, treats pattern bald, and makes your hair thicker. There are three main steps that are involved in nioxin treatment; cleansing, scalp therapy then finally Nixon scalp treatment. The main benefits that come with nioxin include; giving you dense looking hair, improving hair texture, reducing hair loss, preventing cuticle damage by strengthening hair, and getting rid of excess sebum on your scalp.

Rogaine compares with nioxin relatively well. It is found to be better than nioxin in a number of things. Rogaine stimulates hair growth which is far much better than the hair thickening properties portrayed by nioxin.

There are various rogaine products in the market. You can get products that are odorless. The main ingredient in rogaine is minoxidil. It is found to stimulate hair growth in a few weeks. A research showed that, 9 out of 10 people who used rogaine on their hair recorded a significant level of hair growth.

In conclusion, both nioxin and rogaine are designed to help hair differently. Nioxin helps with hair thickening while rogaine basically supports hair growth. Before settling for either of these products, you are advised to seek your doctor’s advice.[4]

Bosley vs nioxin

Bosley and nioxin when used for the hair offer similar results. The shampoos made of the two products increase the volume of your hair strands. There many more similarities between bosley and nioxin. When both of them are applied on the scalp, you will experience a tingling sensation.  These two products compete well in the market and a buyer will need to take time to resolve for which of the two is satisfactory.[5]







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