Auburn Brown Hair Color in Dark, Light, Medium Reddish Brown Hair Shades

How does auburn brown hair color look like? For what skin tone does it look good? Dark skin, fair skin, tan skin or generally medium skin complexions? Here is your complete guide on brown auburn hair color ideas, shades such as dark brown, rich auburn, bright, light, medium and warm shades. See also pictures and the best auburn brown hair dye brands you can use on your hair.

Auburn is a color that ranges in the wider shades of red hair colors. Most people will describe it simply as reddish brown while others prefer to describe it as a brown shade of auburn. Just like brunette other colors, this dye can be worn by people of different skin tones, from light to medium to dark skinned. Similarly, women of different eye colors can also pull it off and look beautiful.

auburn brown hair color
Red wine auburn

If you are thinking of going brunette but still maintain some red tones to your hair, a reddish brown hue is the right hair color for you to try. We have seen celebrities change from dark blonde tresses to auburn brown hair colors. A memorable example is from 2013 when Chelsea Clinton walked on the Met Gala of May 6 showcasing her new hair color, a shade of brown hair with red tones in it. If you are thinking of this change, you might be likely to pull it off. Let’s start with a few hair color ideas for auburn brown dyes.

Auburn Brown Hair Color Ideas and Shades

A wide range of brown hair color shades provide a sea of choices for anyone who wants to try a new hairstyle with dyes.

Natural blondes, redheads, brunettes and just about any other hair color can be changed to this shade of brown.

However, there are a few aspects of your skin-eye color profile that you must consider when trying out auburn brown hair color ideas. Here are some great ideas for you.

Does your hair look dull? Chances are if you have been dyeing your hair for a long time, it can easily get dull and boring. One way of reviving hair that looks dull and turn it around to look sexy is to add a warm feel to it. Auburn brown hair color or reddish brown hair dye is a good dye to try.

For which skin tone is it suitable? How will an auburn shade of brown hair look like on your skin tone? Most of the complexions can pull of a trendy shade of brown or red hair. Whether you are of medium skin tone, dark skin tone or fair skin, you can get a good shade for you. But is reddish-brown the right shade?

Medium auburn brown hair dye
A medium shade.
  • Olive skin and all girls with green undertones can wear anything from a rich dark brown auburn to a lighter shade of red hair colors such as strawberry blonde. If the goal here is to try to look more of an auburn brunette, then a good idea is to definitely go darker than lighter.
  • Women with cool undertones will look good with cooler tones of red in the brown hair. Similarly, those with warm skin tones should go for warmer auburn browns to complement their skin tones.
  • If you have a pale skin or fair skin like Kathleen York, a dark auburn brown color will look great on you. A soft pink lipstick will also complement it, and also allow your eye color to pop.
  • Medium skin, dark skin, fair skin can all pull it off, but for what skin tone is it best? “It is commonly associated with light skin features.” [Wikipedia]

Have your hair colorist dye your hair to look more of a subtle rust, which has just enough of a bronze shimmer. This will take you from a standard brunette to a gorgeous russet. If you are a blonde too, you can go brunette in a gentle but stunning way by coloring it brazen auburn like we normally see on Ashlee Simpson.

Natural redheads such as Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher can pull off almost any shade of brown auburn or reddish brown hair color. It is their natural hue and whether adding blue or red tones to it, they always come out looking cute. Let’s now look at some trending and popular shades of auburn brown hair color.

Dark Auburn Brown Hair Color, Rich

A darker shade of brown with auburn can combine well with a few skin tones and complexion features. Generally dark brown auburn hair color will blend well with naturally medium dark brown hair especially if you have an olive complexion. This is because most people with these characteristics can easily come to life if they dye their hair with intensive red hair colors as well as shades of mahogany.

Dark auburn is rich enough and will also combine perfectly on hair colors that are naturally black or very dark. The reason for this is that such hair can pull off intensive colors in the range of reds such as cherry red and black red dyes.

When you are pulling off a dark auburn brown shade or hue, the key to looking perfect is highlights. But what highlights for auburn brown hair? Well, since this reddish brown borders true auburn hair colors, you can play with mid-length light auburn highlights or simply red highlights. These highlights will simply add dimension to your face and also a rich chocolate feel to your tresses.

Light Auburn Brown Hair Color, Warm and Bright

If you were to place the three shades of brown auburn on a hair color chart, you will have a light auburn brown hair color on the far opposite end of the graph. It has the least tint of red in its shade compared to a darker shade of auburn brown.

light auburn brown hair color
Kate Mara bronze hair color

Most people will call this chocolate brown when in real sense they are referring to a light auburn brown color. Being a bright or warm auburn shade of brown hair, it is most suitable for blondes who have a light skin.

Warm shades of reddish-brown hair color are always suitable for “yellowish, peach or golden complexions.” [Schwarzkopf]

Medium Auburn Brown Hair Color

A medium auburn is one of the best dyes on a medium to dark skin. It is also suitable for pale complexions. With a good hair colorist, almost anyone can dye their hair medium auburn brown just by playing around with highlights and lowlights to complement each skin tone.

We have seen both light skinned celebrities as well as African American celebrities wear medium brown auburn-tinted hair colors and pull it off just fine.

Best Auburn Brown Hair Dye, Top Rated Box Kits

What is the best auburn brown hair dye? Whether it is permanent or semi-permanent hair dye product you are looking for, a good brand will always suffice. Adding some dark and red tones to your hair can prove difficult to tone the correct way if you end up with the wrong shade. You will start asking, how do I remove the excess red tones in my hair? Well, to avoid all that, you ought to choose a good box dye or hair color kit. Here are two best reddish brown hair dye brands that are highly rated according to reviews and experience.

  • L’Oreal Auburn Brown Hair dye
  • Revlon Auburn Brown Hair dye

Auburn Brown Hair Color Pictures

Need more inspiration on dark, light and medium brown hair colors with a red tint in them? I did some roundups collecting a few photos. Below are some pictures on auburn brown hair color pictures to help you with your hair color chart and choosing the right shade that will suit you. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂

Dark Auburn Brown Hair Color dye
A darker shade of brown with auburn hints.
Medium auburn brown hair dye
A medium shade.

Black to Auburn Hair.


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