Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss, Dosage, with Saw Palmetto & Results

Hair loss is a serious problem that affects not only men but women as well. This problem is devastating when it occurs and therefore needs attention within the shortest time possible. Many plants have been tested for hair loss treatment and the results have been great. One of the plants that has been discovered to be a good remedy for hair loss is beta sitosterol. Read on to find out more

Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss/Growth-Does it Work

What is beta sitosterol

This is a plant sterol that has a similar structure as cholesterol and it is also known as phytosterol. Sterols form the components of many plants foods more so the oils, seeds and nuts as well as the legumes. Beta sitosterol is found majorly in nuts and the amaranth.[1]

beta sitosterol for hair loss
Beta sitosterol hair supplements

Does it work for hair loss?

For a long time, it has been used to cure heart diseases, prostate problems and even boosting the immune system. There are new developments that it can be used in the treatment of hair loss. There is scientific evidence from the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine; The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery that it can be used in the treatment of hair loss.

How does it work?

This is a natural 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which is an enzyme that alters the levels of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This helps to fight hair loss through the blockage or slowing the production of DHT.

Further, there is evidence that it has anti-inflammatory properties and some anti-microbial, antiviral and antibacterial properties all of which are contributors to treatment of hair falling off from your scalp. Sometimes, it is inflammation of the scalp or even some viral or antibacterial infections that lead to hair loss. It is in these cases that the properties are helpful.  There are many people who have found it very effective, both men and women.

The reported results are shown to come after about 5 to 6 months of consistent use. This is especially when you use it together with saw palmetto. Pharmaceutical alternatives have a lot of side effects but these two when use have no negative effects.

There are a number of products that can be used for hair loss. When most of them are looked at keenly, their active ingredient is majorly beta sitosterol. One such example is a product that is named ‘Hair Mass for Men’ that was once sold in Europe by the L’Oréal. There are a number of advantages that are associated with its use. Below are some of them;

  • It guarantees safety for both men and women
  • Its cost is slightly low
  • You can use it in relatively higher doses without fear of dangerous side effects
  • It is a plant based natural treatment.

Any study that supports it working?

There are limited number of studies that support its usefulness. However, the few studies that exist seem to be satisfactory. The first study conducted was done by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine. It showed that about 60% of those who took beta sitosterol showed some improvements. This study was done over a period of 12 months and an improvement came after 4 months of use.[2]

There was also another study that was carried out by J Cutan and it revealed that sitosterol is efficacious in dealing with hair loss when it is used together with saw palmetto.

Dosage-How much do you need for hair

The recommended dosage for beta sitosterol varies tremendously. For instance, the dosage to treat the prostate conditions is 60 to 130 mg divided over three different doses. Because the use of this remedy for hair loss is new, it is better to be modest in the intake. The dosage is about 300 mg to 400 mg. Higher doses could lead to uncalled for side effects. You should take this drug under the supervision of your doctor.

You can take the doses at most three times in a day. However, advocates point out that if you take the remedy in combination with 200mg of Saw Palmetto, then dosing twice in a day would just serve the intended purpose. This forms a potent hair loss prevention tool and a cocktail of DHT inhibitor.

In the mild and moderate cases of hair loss, you will have great success. When the case of hair loss is severe and you have bald spots on your scalp, a hair transplant surgery would be the number one consideration. A total dose of 5000 mg of beta sitosterol is taken to be safe.

It is hard therefore to witness an overdose and its effects because the remedy can be used in relatively high amounts without alarm. You body will be able to only use what is important for functioning and then convert the rest into waste which is excreted.

The side benefit that comes with the use of this remedy is that it boosts your immune system and thus keeps your prostate healthy and the amount of cholesterol in your blood is lowered to a great extent. Such additional benefits give it preference over other hair loss remedies.

Results and Reviews

According to the Wise Geek blog post, beta sitosterol is not the most effective treatment for hair loss but it is able to bring about 60% improvement. According to many victims of hair loss, the remedy if taken in the early stages of hair loss proves to be very useful. Many users also point out that it has very few side effects.

Before and after results picture
Pictures of results
before amd after photos

Most of the clients who have bought and used sitosterol according to the have shown that it is very beneficial and results are seen within a short period of time. Besides, the customers also recorded other benefits like improved urine flow and better sleep to add on the intended hair loss prevention and hair growth. The only thing that you should watch is to ensure that you have a prescription from your doctor prior to use.

Some of the reviews from customers who used beta sitosterol are discussed below;

Seth W. 6th October, 2014

Seth finds beta sitosterol an amazing product that leads to hair growth. Seth explains that a single purchase lasted for a month and there was already a noticeable hair growth.

Krista, 27th of August, 2014

This lady expresses the fulfillment she received from use of this product for her hair. She used it to treat hair thinning that was starting to show on her forehead line. Krista says that her hair began thickening and she acquired her normal look of fuller hair. [3]

Saw palmetto and beta sitosterol hair loss Combo

How good is the combo?

For greater benefits, you are advised to use a combination of palmetto and beta sitosterol. This combination can be taken in two ways; internally or externally. You can combine the remedy and swallow orally or make a paste out of the two and then apply on your scalp.

From reviews, beta sitosterol combo can be said to be a success. One of the reviewers explains that, there was growth of fine hairs along her hair line after using this product.[4] This gave her a look she had in her previous years before she experienced the hair loss.

  • What benefits does saw palmetto come with?

Saw palmetto also called Serona repens is a very effective 5-alpha reductase. The palmetto is efficient in hindering the effects of DHT, which is a natural hormone that contributes to thinning and shrinking of your hair follicles.

Despite reversing the hair loss, saw palmetto also facilitates the consistent growth of hair. The remedy leads to reduced production of sebum by your scalp. It also increases the density of your hair giving it a fuller appearance and making styling easy.  This is especially if you are affected by male pattern baldness.

The palmetto also has fatty acids, plant sterols and sugars. All these contribute to its anti-inflammatory effects. If parts of your scalp are inflamed, saw palmetto brings such inflammation down in no time.

When you take the saw palmetto as a treatment of hair loss, you will accrue other benefits that include reduction of cancer risks. It prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT that is known to promote the enlargement of the prostate. By so doing, it prevents the growth of prostatic cancer cells. It also has the ability to destroy dangerous cells in your body.[5]

In conclusion, you can buy a combination of beta sitosterol and saw palmetto for hair loss since it has extra benefits other than just treating the hair loss problem. This means, it is a full package of many treatments and it will therefore give you value for the money you spend to purchase it.







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