Sandy Blonde Hair Color Dye

Have you just discovered sandy blonde hair color? If yes, for sure you have been missing something great. At least it is not too late to learn. This piece is dedicated to help you understand sandy blonde hair color, how it looks in pictures, chart, ideas for highlights and lowlights, brown and more…

What is Sandy Blonde Hair Color and who is it for?

Sandy blonde meaning

Sandy Hair Color is a gorgeous shade of medium to light beige blonde with golden undertones. It looks a somewhat similar to honey blonde, but with cooler and more golden undertones, just like the natural color of sand during day-time.

Sandy blonde comes with quite a good number of shades from super light butter blonde to dark ash and biege. Most sandy blonde shades have little to none copper undertones and if you are not a fan of warm copper blondes nor ashy light blondes, this is the perfect in-between alternative. This hair color works well for any hair length (short, medium or long) as well as beach waves.


Here are pictures showing sandy blonde looks like

best sandy blonde hair color ideas pictures
Sandy blonde in pictures

Who is it for?

Sandy Blonde is great for those that have medium or light brown hair and light brown, hazel, or green eyes.  Those with dark skin can also pull this shade off as long as they have golden skin undertones that are not red.

Sandy Blonde is also ideal for women with redness issues that want to balance their skin tone out without going for a very cool and ashy blonde shade. Those with  cool blue or black eyes and a light olive skin tone may find that this shade a bit unflattering unless they blend this with warmer highlights to add more color and dimension.

Sandy Blonde Hair Color Chart & Formula


Sandy Blonde chart
Blonde shades with sandy blonde

For professional looking results at home or at a salon, you can try the following combos/formulas:

  • L’Oreal Majirel in shade 31 (one part) +  10.31 (half part) + 1 ½ part of 40 vol. developer for medium, light brown, or a 30 vol. developer for dark blonde hair.
  • Wella Koleston Perfect Naturals in shade 88/0 (one part) + shade 12.61 (half part) + 1 ½ part of 40 vol. developer.
  • Chi Ionic hair color in shade 7N (one part) + shade 8N (half part) + ½ part of 40 vol. developer for dark brown, medium brown or light brown hair, and 30 vol. developer for dark to medium blonde hair.

Sandy Blonde Hair with Highlights, Lowlights Ideas

Many people that sport a sandy blonde shade will add at some point highlights or lowlights to make the color extra brightening and add a natural dimension to the hair, almost as if was sunkissed.  Here are some ideas for sandy blonde hair and highlights and a brief guide on how to get each.

Sandy brown hair with blonde highlights

If you are tired of your medium or light brown hair, a sandy brown hair color with blond highlights will enhance and bring out the golden hues of your hair. A good combo for getting this having a light golden brown as your base color like Garnier Light Golden brown and a highlight color that’s only 1-2 shades lighter than your base color like Garnier Nutrisse in shade 8.03.

Nutrisse in shade 6.3
Nutrisse in shade 6.3

Other combos you could try out for sandy brown hair with blonde highlights are:

L’oreal Preference Recital in shade 7.1/Islande as your base color (mixed with its own or a 30 vol. developer) +   L’oreal Excellence in shade 9 natural light blonde as your highlight color mixed with its own or a 40 vol. developer.

Sandy blonde highlights on brown hair

If you would like to get some sandy blonde highlights on your hair without having to dye your hair two colors separately, try a highlighting kit like L’oreal Feria in shade C80 and Clairol’s nice n easy frost and Tip highlighting kit for a more natural looking and sun-kissed result.

Sandy blonde hair with brown hair lowlights

Sandy Blonde hair with brown lowlights is actually a good twist to the ordinary brown shade with thin sandy blonde highlights. To get the best and most natural looking/blended result it’s best to go to a professional hair salon or colorist but if you want to go DIY, here are a few tips and steps to get the best result possible:

Step 1: Make sure your hair is completely dry before attempting to dye it. Choose a  light sandy blonde shade as your base color in the shades mentioned above e.g. L’oreal Recital Preference in shade Islande and apply to ⅔ of your hair, leaving out the bottom part (use a dense tooth comb to separate the hair into a top to middle part and a second lower part.

Step 2: Mix the hair dye with the developer as per package instructions–if you have purchased a professional hair dye instead of a kit mix with a 30 vol. developer or 40 vol. developer if your hair is black or dark brown.

Step 3: In a separate bowl/mixing container, mix a natural golden or cool brown color like L’oreal Feria’s in moonlight tortoise/t 53 or Revlon Colorsilk in shade 43/Medium Golden brown. Leave both dyes on your hair for 40-45 minutes, wash, and rinse as usual.

Dark sandy blonde hair

If you want to achieve a dark sandy blonde hair shade that looks multifaceted and radiant without actually adding highlights or lowlights try Garnier Belle color in shade 7/natural dark blonde and Clairol Nice n Easy Color Blend in shade 103/Natural Medium Blonde.

How to get Sandy Blonde Hair at Home

The process for getting  a sandy blonde color is almost the same as the above 3 steps, minus the step of adding brown highlights.

Don’t forget: If you are going for a dark sandy blonde shade that’s only 1-2 shades lighter than your base color, mix it with equal parts of a 30 or 6% volume developer. For a lighter shade of sandy blonde, it’s best to use a 40 vol. developer and a toner optionally that will neutralize the tone like Wella Color Charm toner in T-35.

Best Sandy Blonde Hair Dye Brands

The best sandy blonde hair dye brands to try out are:

  • Garnier Nutrisse in shade Dark Beige Blonde 72. This is a gorgeous medium sandy blonde shade perfect for natural light brown and dark blonde hair.
  • L’Oreal Prodigy in shade 8.0 Sand Dessert. This a light golden sand shade with subtle warm undertones and a formula infused with a special oil blend for natural looking color that doesn’t look too dull or too shiny.
best sandy blonde hair dye loreal
L’Oreal Prodigy

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