Best Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones, Blonde, Brown and Red Hair Colors

Do you have a warm skin tone? What are the best hair colors for warm skin tones? People with yellow or golden undertones in their skin can wear some blonde hair colors, brown hair colors and even red hair. In choosing warm skin tone hair color ideas, you also have to consider your eye color. Here, find out colors that are suitable for warm skin-toned girls with brown eyes, green, blue and hazel eyes.

Most women with warmer skin tones have naturally black or brown hair. There are general tips and rules that will help you choose hair colors that will look good on your skin tone. But, do you know how to figure out if you have warm undertones or cool undertones? Last time, we highlighted the best hair colors for cool skin-toned women. In a similar fashion, here’s a guide on choosing the right hair dyes that will suit you.

Soft cinnamon red hair color for warm skin tones
Soft cinnamon red hair color.


The vein test (see references at the end) is one of the simplest ways to find out your complexion undertones if you are unsure. We all fall in any one of the three main categories: neutral, cool or warm. Before you try to determine suitable hair colors for warm skin tone and your eye color, look at your wrists to see the veins. What predominant color do you see? If you see green, you have a warm undertone. People with cooler undertones are more likely to see blue. Warm undertones will appear as yellow, golden or peachy in your skin. So, let’s now find out the most flattering hair colors for your skin tone.

Best Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Most people with warm skin have predominant eye colors including hazel, brown eyes, light brown, golden light brown or amber. You will see most of them wearing chocolate brown, terracotta reds and coral lipsticks in which they look most flattering as opposed to blue based reds and pink. We will pinpoint specific hair colors for different eye colors and warmer undertones below, but here are the general best hair colors for warm skin undertones.

  • First, avoid any hair colors based on beige, violet, ash (for example ash blonde hair dyes) and blue. These will wash out your skin or make you look unnatural.
  • In order to find good hair colors, stick to warmer hair color shades. These will help enhance your skin color as well as your warm eyes.
Brown hair with auburn highlights
Brown hair with auburn highlights
  • The third rule is to try as much as possible not to go more than four shades from your natural hair color. Not all people can pull this off, although a few can.
  • Choose hair colors that will complement not only your skin but also your eyes. Since your eye color might not be light, especially for girls who fall in the category of darker eyes such as the browns (dark brown, honey or golden browns and hazel), you can easily overwhelm them if you end up choosing hair colors that do not allow them to pop.
  • Let us refine the rule of the thumb above. If you have eyes that appear to be in the range of golden brown, hazel with brown or gold flecks, green or turquoise, go for warm hair tones.
  • The general hair colors that look good on warm skin tone include honey browns, golden blondes, rich golden browns, chestnut shades and auburn. You can also wear red highlights as well as warm gold highlights. Natural orange and red hues in hair will enhance the warmth in your skin.
  • That is it. All the above is to tell you to “avoid harsh contrasts, such as jet black, white, blue or violet hair colors” as Teresa of E42 Salon puts it. But what happens when we consider eye color such as blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes? What will be the best hair dye for warm skin tones? Since you can wear blonde, brown and red hair colors, how will you look in them and which color will be the most flattering for your specific features?

    Blonde Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

    Best blonde hair colors for warm skin tones
    Golden blonde.

    Blonde is one of the most sought after hair colors for both warm and cool skin tone women. We already noted that it is one of the favorite hair colors for fair skin and even women of olive skin tone too. If you want to try blonde hair on warm skin undertones and you have a light skin complexion, try not to go for too much contrast in your color choice.

    The best blonde hair color shades for a warm skin tone would be those that create just a delicate contrast. Different shades of blonde hair can be confusing, but anything hair dyes in the range of strawberry blonde, light blonde and golden blonde will look great on you. For light skin women, these colors can also work as highlights for warmer skin undertones.

    Clairol hair professionals advise that women with natural medium brown hair color who want to dye their hair blonde should only consider going up to three shades lighter or darker in the hair color chart for warm skin tones. That means that your best landing of a blonde hue is either of these three:

    • Dark brown hair dye
    • Light brown hair color or
    • Dark blonde hair

    The Blondes to Avoid:

    While blonde can be so flattering, some tones can really be bad ideas for you. Brassy blondes, to be specific, tend to look too harsh on women of warmer skin tones. Other hair colors that are most likely to wash out your natural hair color include those that have violet, white and blue overtones.

    Best Red Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones

    There’s something I like about red hair dyes – they are not just your standard hair color choices. They are more of an attitude and boldness. When you get your suitable red color, you will make a statement. Both women with pink and green undertones can wear red, but which is the best red hair color for warm skin tones?

    Cherry cola red on deep warm skin tone. Photo Credit - Latest-hairstyles
    Cherry cola red on deep warm skin tone. Photo Credit –
    • A soft cinnamon red hair dye is quite cozy and can really enhance a warm skin tone. If you have freckles, this hue is your best bet to complement them in any way you are imagining.
    • Rich copper red is more of a summer sunset hue. It works best for women with a pale skin with warm undertones. It is even much better if you have green eyes.
    • For women with dark or medium complexions, a cherry cola red works magic. It is also another bold statement especially for women who have light eye colors.

    Red is a vibrant color. It will make you look younger and bolder, so go ahead and try most of these but don’t go overboard because the natural blue overtones in strong red hues can easily render your hair color choice useless.

    Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones and Brown Eyes

    Do you have brown eyes and warm skin tone? You have a wide range of hair colors to play with in order to find a matching one. Women with dark brown eyes, hazel brown or black-brown, can enhance them with golden brown hair dyes, medium brown or just black hair color. This is advised by Nancy, a hair professional at Vogue Wigs – Hair Obsessed department.

    Another option of the best hair color for warm skin tones and brown eyes would be auburn and wine tones. Something that works for women of both cool and warm undertones is medium brown with blonde highlights too. You can also try a rich brown hair dye, such as a shiny caramel fudge which will add a healthy glow to your skin and make your brown eyes pop.

    Best Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones and Green Eyes, Blue Eyes

    Best hair color for green eyes and warm skin tone.
    Best hair color for green eyes and warm skin tone.

    According to SalonEnvy Chicago, most people with blue-green eyes, light blue and dark blue eyes have cool skin tones. But a few are of light skin and warm undertones. The common natural hair colors for these people include deep brown, red hair (redheads), golden blonde and a few with dark brown with a few reddish highlights. So, what is the best hair color for blue eyes and green eyes with warm skin tones?

    • Try on warm hair color shades such as red, copper and strawberry blonde.
    • Other warmer skin hair color ideas include honey and golden blonde as well as golden brown.
    • When it comes to good hair dyes for green eye color, try on russet, ginger, copper shades and cinnamon. These will look perfect on you.

    Brown Hair Colors for Warm Skin Complexions

    Brown is a predominant color. Turning brunette can be a good change to start with, especially in the spring. The color range here is wide, with lots of shades to choose from. But what brown hair color shade will look good on yellow and golden undertones?

    • Caramel brown is one of the best especially when coupled with a pixie cut. If you want to go brunette, this shade will give a warm caramel tinge that will complement anyone with light warm complexion or even medium warm skin tone.
    • If you have a warmer skin that is leaning towards the natural olive complexion, try a neutral brown. It is bold and can fit well if you have naturally brown or ashy hair.
    • Auburn accents will also give you the ultimate brunette When styled well, this color can enhance not only your skin tone but also honey-brown eyes.
    Caramel brown hair dye for warm undertones
    Caramel brown hair dye for warm undertones. Photo Credit:

    More Warm Skin Tone Hair Color Ideas and Tips

    Caucasian women with beige and yellowish undertones, Asian and those of light mixed race can always try on hair dyes with blue tones in them. Hair dye color ideas for you include auburn hair colors that will help balance out the evident sallow tones in your skin.

    Fair skin toned women can play around with platinum blonde and some light brown hair colors depending on the color of their eyes.

    Hair Color for Yellow Skin Tone

    If you are a redhead, your skin is likely to have a yellow undertone and you fall in the category of warm skin-toned people. You will still look cute in red hair colors, bronzes and shades of copper. What hair colors go best with warm yellow undertones? You need to stick to the same rule of keeping your hair warmer and in the range of your natural hair color.

    A good hair color for yellow skin tone and grown eyes, as recommended by Vogue is golden blonde as this will really enhance the sheen of warmth in your skin. This, however, is likely to give you a dramatic look. Since your skin has a yellow tint to it, and your general complexion is golden brown or leaning towards reddish, you will look pretty in deep rich colors. Good choices include espresso, chocolate and dark golden brown hair colors.

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    1. I was born with beautiful orange yellow hair,no freckles, typical light warm toned skin that most natural redheads have,with very big beautiful deep set dark brown doe eyes and my mother had black hair, so did her father but he had red hair on his arms and beard,and he had red haired cousins,my father had medium brown hair like my older sister,but my father’s father had auburn red hair and his little sister had red hair and blue eyes.By the time I was in my late 30’s my red hair was gone and turned into this dull,non warm toned sandy blonde color,which is common with natural red hair,it doesn’t go grey it often turns sandy blonde and then white,quite a few people thought I had dirty blonde hair! I have to color it with Natural Instincts and it’s very depressing because I have really lost a big important part of myself that so many people always gave me compliments on,saying what a beautiful natural red hair color I had.

      I recently used this Henna for red hair that I bought in a local Russian super market,and it gave me the beautiful orange yellow hair back.

      Here is information including how natural redheads usually turn blondish and then white.

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