Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Skin Tones

Skin color and eye color are the basis for choosing the right hair color. So, what is the best hair color for hazel eyes with a combination of other characteristics such as hazel green eyes, pale skin tone, hazel brown eyes, warm, and medium skin tones? We did our thorough research reading from the best hair stylists and makeup artistes and here are the best hair colors for women and men with hazel eye color.

Nexxus’ Aura Friedman, a celebrity hair color expert always advices her clients “that when it comes to choosing their color, you have to take into account your skin tone (and undertones), eye color and lifestyle” Most hairstyle and color salons will advise you to stay within your natural hair color shade.

Chic hair can be anything, but getting it wrong when it comes to choosing the right hair shade for your skin tone (fair skin tone, pale, warm, medium, dark etc.) and eye color can really make you look like a clashing human. Hazel eyes appear to shift from brown to green and this can make it difficult to get it right when selecting the hair color dye. Keep in mind that your shade of hair is supposed to do the following:

Light Brown Hair Color for Hazel colored eyes
What hue would look good on women with hazel colored eyes?
  • Enhance your skin color or tone
  • Complement your hair cut or hair style
  • Brighten up your face and get those celebrity glowing looks

So, what hair color goes best with hazel eyes? Here’s a good range to pick from, with variations for girls and men with other varying features such as skin color tone or undertones.


What Is the Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes?

What hair color goes best with hazel eyes? As sure as the sun, the answer cannot be so straight here because people with hazel eye color don’t always have the same skin color and never wear the same outfits. With that in mind, finding the best hair color for hazel eyes will depend on various factors. So, let’s get you colors that will produce intensified and fashion tones that shine for you.

Colors to Avoid

According to Hair Color Sites, in choosing the best hair color for hazel eyes, women should avoid certain hair dyes or color shades especially during the warm season. These include:

  • White hair coloring
  • Black hair
  • Platinum hair dyes

However, some of these hair colors are recommended for a cool season; specifically the platinum hair color dye. Avoid blue hair dyes completely especially if you have hazel brown eye color.

General Hair Color Shades that Look Good on Hazel Eyes

Well, hazel eyes are very unique and most people agree that they rock. The problem is that very few people want to give us advice on how to choose hair color for our eye color and its variations such as hazel green, hazel brown and hazel green.

However, now that you are here, you are either a hair stylist learning something to do with styling hazel eyes or you have this eye color and want to buy your new hair color or dye. I have 5 TIPS for you:

Dark brunette hair color with hazel eyes
Dark brunette
  • Tip #1: You can actually choose from a very wide range of hair colors, starting from black to red. You will still look good. However, this will depend on many other factors including your skin tone as we will see below, in just a bit.
  • Tip #2: Brown hair colors will almost always work for you. Reason? Brown will highlight the beauty flecks of gold, green and grey in your eyes.
  • Tip #3: If you have hazel eyes and want them to look brighter, that is, more of yellow, green or blue, your best hair color for your eye color is blonde hair.
  • Tip #4: Shades of red hair color will create a color effect that will highlight the grey and brown flecks in your eyes.

DO NOTE: Since we are looking for the best hair color for hazel eyes, the above information is far too general. Below, we have expert advice that will produce natural looking colors that will not only enhance your hair color but skin color as well for women with hazel eyes. So, to start us off, what is the best hair color for green hazel eyes?

Best Hair Color for Green Hazel Eyes

What shades of hair color will suit hazel green eyes and look good? According to Rimlee of Buzzle, a hair color that will look good on eyes with flecks of brown and gold is not necessarily good for hazel eyes that have green flecks or grey flecks in them. That said, here’s a general range of shades that will work well for hazel green eye color.

Hazel Green Eyes
Hazel Green Eyes.
  • If you want to highlight your dark green flecks in the hazel eyes, go for brown hair colors or its closer shades
  • If you have light green flecks and would like to highlight them, the right hair color for hazel eyes to choose would be blond hair color.
  • Blond colors of hair will also be good to highlight blue and yellow flecks in your eyes.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Brown Eyes

Hazel brown eyes are darker than the rest combinations. This means that you will have to do a lot more to brighten up your eyes using your hair dyes. So, what hair shade is the best for hazel brown eyes? Here are tips to help you choose something that will complement. Our suggestions are based on expert advice such as that from Hair Color Ideas and top hair color and styles magazines. Here we go:

  • Brown shades on the other hand will bring out the flecks of gold and grey as well
  • Choose red hair colors if you want to flaunt your grey and brown flecks of hazel eyes
Dark Chocolate Brown for Brunette
Hazel brown eyes.

Now that you know how to highlight your eye color in a way that you like the most:-

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN USE HAIR COLOR TO MAKE HAIR LOOK THICKER TOO? According to Milady’s Standard Hair Coloring Manual, “you can make anyone’s hair look thicker by correctly matching and complementing their skin tone.” Now onto the skin tones. What we have done above is select a good shade basing on the dominant color in your eyes. According to Kristin Swain, an editor with television shows NCIS and SeaQuest, you should go with the two categories of base colors of the skin, namely the warm and cool tones.

What are warm tones or undertones?

People with warm tones will have red or golden undertones to their skin color or tone. Generally, this is a characteristic of people with pale skin tone, or light skin tone, or simply those who have tanned.

What is a cool skin tone?

People with cool undertones will have more of violet, blue or silver undertones to their skin color. Generally, women who fall in this category have olive skin tone, dark skin tone (African Americans).

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Pale Skin, Light or Fair Skin

Pale skin is also referred to as light skin or fair skin. Most people with this color already appear brighter and the eye color is slightly darker. If you not interested in getting crazy colors that attract attention for your hair, the most conventional dyes that look good on you would be both light and dark shades. You can go for this range even if you are choosing permanent hair dyes.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Cool Skin Tone
Hazel grey eyes and fair skin.

The question you should ask yourself is: What eye color do I want to highlight in the end using the color of my hair? Hazel comes in a mix of a few other colors and that is why you will be choosing which flecks to highlight. Here’s your guide for choosing the best hair color for light skin or fair skin.

  • For pale skin, brown shades, red shades and blondes are good for you. The blondes will glow your blue colors in your eyes while reds will highlight the greenish-hazel shades in your eyes. When you go with brown hair color, your eye color will end up more like brown eyes because it subdues the lighter flecks in your pupil.
  • But can you wear black hair color if you are pale skinned with hazel eyes? Yes! But only if you think your eyes are lighter. It is also recommended that when you go with black hair dye, a black mascara will come in handy.

Good Hair Colors for Medium Skin with Hazel Eyes (Tanned Skin)Best Hair Color for Hazel Brown Eyes

Straight to it, your best choice would be something like darker brown hair. You can also go for dark brown hair color with blonde highlights. The reason behind this is that your lighter eye specks will be highlighted by the blond highlights while the dark brown hue will give your face the right frame.

And is there the best red hair color for hazel eyes? Well, you could also try shades of red hair colors. If you match it well with your skin complexion’s undertones, you will achieve an effect of green eyes.

Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

Helga Suratt, the professional behind About Faces Day Spa and Salon based in Towson, people with hazel eyes and warm skin tones are better off choosing medium brown, golden brown or black hair. Also, she goes ahead to recommend hues and shades such as auburn that would make hazel eyes pop while retaining your natural ruddy looks.

She goes ahead to advice that if “your natural hair color is light brown to medium blonde, add light or golden highlights or choose a medium brunette color on the warm side.”

Rimlee adds to this by recommending that people with warm skin tones and hazel colored eyes should always choose anything that appears to be rich and warm shades of brown hair colors. Women here can choose:

  • Chocolate hair dyes
  • Chestnut brown and
  • Cinnamon brown

These three rich and luxurious hair dyes will certainly give you intensity of the golden flecks in your eyes. The flexibility with warm skin tones is that you can either go for one solid shade or choose to have a mix with highlights here and there.

Hazel Eyes and Olive Skin Tone

Most women with olive skin tone will have dark hair. If you examine carefully, you will notice that you have green undertones. This will play well for your eyes since they will be easily highlighted. As a general rule in the fashion and hairstyling industry, people with olive skin tones can pull off burgundies and cooler reds. Darker shades with highlights such as subtle caramel tones and creamed-coffee can really give a flattering effect. So, what is the best hair color for hazel eyes with olive skin tone?

Olive skin
Olive skin
  • First, avoid light blonde hair
  • Second, your best choices would be dark brown or black hair

Dark Skin with Hazel Colored Eyes

“Most dark skinned women tend to have warm undertones.” That is according to Total Beauty. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Beyonce all have warm skin tones and therefore look good with colors that are warm and rich. Generally, golden highlights, warm reds and browns look good on such skins. So, what if we throw in hazel eyes? What twist does it add?

  • Choose dark hair dye and them make highlights in your hair
  • Your highlights should be in the range of lighter browns or shades of blonde hair color

So there you have it, a complete guide to help you get the right hair color for your eye color, and matching it well with your skin tone and other factors in consideration. As we noted from the very start, it is almost impossible to just look at someone’s eye color and then decide the hair color straight away. Skin tone must be looked at as well. So what do you think of our suggestions? Comments below.


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  1. Hello Victoria.
    I have never found an article as helpful as this. I have one question though: I have hazel eyes and tan skin. I have actually tried to dye my hair with very many colors but it seems they just don’t work with my tan skin. My experience with blonde dyes is that they looked horrible on me, but ash blonde was good just like ash blonde. So far, by best hair color for tan skin with my hazel eyes was dark purple, but still this is a vivid hue. I am not looking for something that is special effects, if you know what I am saying. So, can chocolate brown hair, and a range of other browns look good on me? Or in your view, what hair colors are good for tan skin with hazel eyes?
    With love, Darcy.

  2. Hi Darcy,
    Thank you for the complement. Well, if your skin has a tanned look, and you have hazel eyes, I would recommend that you go with darker colors. However, for a lighter tone, try on some copper tones, which will look good on you.
    As a general comment here, I always find that red hair tones contrast lighter skin colors and allow eye colors to pop. So, if you want to highlight your hazel eyes, then that is what you need. Note that even with tan skin, you can get the golden and green flecks to show up in your eyes.
    I hope this helps, @Darcy. And do let us know how everything went when you try it on.

    1. I have about 30% grey and white growing in front part of my head and perimeter. Is there an easy and quick way to blend highlights in my 5 level hair in the front with previous color of more of a warm blonde? I want to tone after the blending. I have hazel green eyes and medium fair skin and long hair. I am not going to go grey gracefully. Not ready for that.
      Thank you for advice you have for me.
      Thank you

  3. I am no expert but I think having a tan skin and hazel eyes means you are more of a medium skin person. I read somewhere that this kind of profile is more of a “deep winter” and the recommended hair dyes or colors would be:
    – Black brown; black, charcoal or
    – Red brown; true red; rust
    – Hot pink
    – Lemon yellow and
    – Clear teal

  4. @Evan Thank you for your contribution. I think you have great choices there. I mean the thing with hair and fashion is that you have to keep trying on different styles, outfits and your makeup to see what looks great for you. Unless you want to get a very particular professional look, for example, do the look of a certain celebrity (for which you might need a specialized hair dye expert or colorist), then you should just feel free to try on these hair colors to make your eyes brighter and more noticeable. For me, I would so quickly want to try on the red brown. 🙂

  5. I have a skin color that is more of pinkish, i think it can be described as freckled and fair. I am over 40 years with hazel eyes. I would like to know what hair color is best for hazel eyes and freckles on a fair skin. I have tried pink hair colors as well as fuchsia and i must say i look really horrible in them. Any suggestions of good hair colors for women with freckles would be much appreciated. Oh, I have a wardrobe full of turquoise and such colors. Thank you.

  6. This is the best article I’ve read about hair color for hazel eyes. If a colorist doesn’t nail it down the results can leave you feeling washed out.
    I live in the NY Metro area, are you available for consultation, or are you recommend someone. Thank-you.

  7. Thank you so much for this, ive been having a lot of doubts about hair colours and this has made me make my choice and im happy with the choice I have made. so thank you

  8. Thank you for this article,
    I am Kashmiri with Hazel Green eyes and Dark brown Hair and I have always wanted some sound advice upon what options would suit me best. Thank you, God bless and have a lovely day

  9. Thank you for the advice!

    I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for sometime now, what I gathered from this article is that if I have hazel/green eyes, light skin and want to highlight the green in my eyes I should dye my hair blonde or get highlights, right? My natural hair colour is light brown/dark blonde, I have more green in my eyes than brown but most of the time they look brown while indoors. Would making my hair lighter help them look lighter too? Also, one of the things that have prevented me from going lighter on my hair is the fact that my eyesbrows are a little darker and I wouldn’t want my hair to look weird or too fake, would that happen? should I dye my eyebrows a shade or two lighter as well?

    Thank you!

  10. My case is similar to Mitchell, I have Light brown/chestnut hair colour (I get natural low lights in Summer), naturally I have a light pinkish complexion (which I got from my mom) but coz I live in a hot country I get a Olive Tan throughout the year.

    My hazel eyes are mostly green (more dark green flecks) and light brown (less of, but more predominant). I want to get my green flecks to pop out.

    So not sure what I should go for?

    Thank you for your very comprehensive article & sorry if my combination is rather particular.

  11. Thank you this article was very helpful! I am mixed with white and black and have light brown skin and light hazel eyes and have been trying to find a hair color that works for me and also brings out my eye color.

  12. Hello. I’m in need of some help with hair color. I want to dye my hair with Grey color, but i’m scared it will mess up my look. I have light brown skin and dark brown eyes. Please help me! >.<

  13. Hi, I have hazel eyes which are predominantly a rich green colour with golden/brown flecks around the pupil. I have had medium/dark brown hair all my life and have pale skin. Whenever I see this combo of hair and eye colour on websites it always says that I have warm skin BUT when I look at my veins they sometimes appear blue and sometimes green!?! So am I a cool or warm or neither? Another test they ask is whether I look good if I wear white but because I’m so pale it doesn’t look good anyways. It confuses me!

  14. Hi Victoria,

    Thank you so much for the article.
    I had a question from you. I have brown greenish hazel eye and my skin tone is pale and maybe a bit oliveish. What’s the best hair colour for me to bring out the green colour? Also I don’t want to go blonde
    Can you help me?

  15. I really loved your article,it really help me out a lot. I have light Brown hair with dark blond in it but I have light Brown and green eyes well hazel eyes. I am tan skinned or medium. I was wondering if u could tell me about the hair color, you said something about red hair color could u be more specific or could I use dark browns if I wanted the green color in eyes to pop or show more? Thank you. God bless. Loretta.

  16. Hi I have yellow pale skin ( I look dead without makeup) and very light tan. Curly frizzy hair. I need help with color please. Dark looks horrible on me and so does light. I am tired of highlights but I need some definition in my hair so I don’t have to blow dry it always.

  17. Hi, so I found this really helpful, but I REALLY want to die my hair blue. I am extremely pale and my eyes never appear both green and brown, just forest green or deep deep brown, my face is heart shaped. What’s shade of blue do you think would look good on me???

  18. I am Italian with hazel green eyes with brown in my iris, I have blue to greenish veins I hear my skin tone is cool to medium I’m trying to find a hair color to bring the green out of my eyes what do you recommend

  19. Hi my eyes are predominantly green with a little light brown in the middle, I want to dye my hair reddish brown but I want my green to stand out and I don’t know if that color would help me. Right now my hair is caramel brown with some blonde highlights and my second option is dirty blonde but I really want to dye it red. Please HELP!

    1. Teresina, it seems like you can sport almost any red shade except from too dark and cool reds. Dark reds are not necessarily a bad option but they mostly suit those with dark eyes and neutral medium or dark undertones. I’m assuming you have fair skin tone as well? If this is the case, I’d go for a rich copper red shade to brighten my skin tone and make my hazel eyes pop. A dirty blonde shade will look ok on you, but it may look a bit bland and boring in contrast to your natural colors. Therefore, I’d suggest a copper red shade as the best option for your eye color/skin tone.

  20. Hello,
    My skin color is light and my eyes are hazelnut with some yellow in them and I have been doing many ash blonde highlights on my dark brown original hair color ,however I always where makeup in order not to look pale . But now I am so bored with that after 10 years having the same look .what hair color shall I choose for my hazelnut eyes to glow.
    Thank u

  21. Hi there Dear, are you in fact visiting this site on a regular basis,
    if so then you will definitely obtain good know-how.

  22. Hi, I’m not sure which label of hazel eyes I have!?! They are dark green around my pupil and brown, gold, and what appears to be burnt orange in spots!?!! My sister tells me depending on my mood is the color they look, and she said sometimes they even look yellow! I have been told I have pink undertones, or overtones, I can’t remember which, skin, it is fair,except in the summer when I’m in the sun a lot, even though I keep sunscreen on,sunscreen only keeps me from burning, I still get pretty tanned with it on. I was born with coal black hair that changed to dark blond quick, light blonde in summer, but as I got older it went to light brown and dark blonde in the summer, and now it is a medium to dark brown and doesn’t seem to really change in the summer anymore, or maybe I just can’t tell anymore!?!! But I have never really colored my hair before, I have had highlights and lowlights put in my hair a handful of times. I want to start experimenting with reds and blondes that will compliment my skin, both when I’m fair and tanned, and bring out the green, gold, and possibly the burnt orange in my eyes. I am also looking for hair color that has no bleach in it, I have always had healthy hair, and I want to keep it that way!!! I was told certain hair colorings have peroxide, a natural hair lightener, instead of bleach. Could you, and would you, help me please?!! I would so greatly appreciate it!!!!!!! Much love, Monica!

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    which i am going to convey in college.

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    The lord Bless you.

  25. Hi, I have hazel eyes which are predominantly a light green colour with golden/brown flecks around the pupil. OI have light skin that burns easy. What color of hair should I get?

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