Hazelnut Hair Color-Toasted, Dark, Chart, Pictures & Ideas

Hazelnut hair color is for if you’re so much into a natural shade that can bring out the natural brown hues of your hair. Just what will suit you regardless of your complexion undertones and eye color? This shade looks so natural and vibrant it’s no wonder celebrities like Jessica Alba, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Biel, and others are loyal fans of this shade.

In this article, we will discuss the various options of getting a hazelnut hair shade—from the lightest to the darkest—and in-between.

What is Hazelnut Hair Color, who is it for and how it differs with Chestnut?

Hazelnut Hair Color is a rich brown shade that has neutral golden bronze undertones.

Hazelnut vs Chestnut Hair Color?

The main difference/s with Chestnut is that Hazelnut is a tad cooler than chestnut, lighter, and does not have obvious Mahogany tones although some light hazelnut colors may have subtle copper undertones.  Hazelnut shades also look very similar to mocha hair shades with the addition of a warmer gold finish.

Who is Hazelnut hair color for?

Hazelnut hair color is a very versatile shade and suits a wide variety of skin tones and eye colors including:

  • Light skin tones with yellow, pink or golden undertones
  • Medium skin tones with neutral or pink undertones
  • Dark skin tones with golden undertones

Hazelnut Hair Color Chart & Pictures

Here are some pictures of Hazelnut hair shade chart and pictures:


Hazelnut hair color chart

Hazelnut Hair color in Pictures

Hazel nut Hair color
Celebrities with Hazelnut hair color

Like all other shades, hazelnut hair color comes with its own variations and we are going to list a few suggestions for home or professional hair dyes to get your desired hazelnut shade below.

Toasted Hazelnut Hair Color

Toasted Hazelnut Color is a medium to light shade of hazelnut with subtle golden highlights or reflects, giving it that toasted and multi-dimensional look.

How to come up with Toasted Hazelnut hair color
Toasted Hazelnut

This shade complements ideally any color and skin tone apart from too light yellow-based skin tones and looks especially good on those with peachy or medium golden undertones.

Here are some home DIY hair dyes and products or professional formulas that will help you get a nice toasted hazelnut hair color:

  • Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Semi-Permanent Hair Color in shade 6N/Toasted Hazelnut. This is a no-ammonia and no-peroxide solution that covers beautifully gray hair and lasts up to 12 washes. Give a nicely glow-y finish that ideally reflects the light. Can be mixed with similar shades like Espresso Brown or Chai Brown for more depth and definition.
  • L”Oreal Preference in shade UL63 Warmer High Lift Brown. This is a tad warmer toasted hazelnut shade than Clairol’s and has a frosted, multi-dimension finish that resembles that of a caramel.
  • Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color in shade 54/Light Golden Brown. This a neutral to warm shade that looks almost identical to toasted hazelnut, with the only slight difference being that it’s not as multidimensional as other formulas.
  • Garnier Nutrisse Line in shade 63/Light Golden Brown. This is cool shade of toasted hazelnut with subtle golden reflects that blend nicely with the rest of the color. The formula contains nourishing natural herbal ingredients like avocado oil for boosting hair’s health, bounciness, and glow.

If you want a more professional and permanent looking result at home you could also try the following formulas:

L”Oreal Professional Hair Color in shade 6/Light Brown (half a part) mixed with 6.3 Light Golden Brown + one part of 6% or 25 vol. developer.

Chi Ionic Hair Color in shade 8A (half part) mixed with shade 6B (half part) + one part of 6% or 25 vol. developer.

Light & Dark Hazelnut Hair Color

Light Hazelnut hair color is ideal for those who want to brighten up their existing light or medium brown shade and have hazel, light brown, or green eyes and skin with peachy undertones.

On the other hand, dark hazelnut hair color is ideal for those with already dark hair that don’t want a big change but want to add more depth to their natural hair color.

Some ideas for light hazelnut hair color:

  • L”oreal Superior Preference in shade 6BB/Light Beige Brown
  • L”Oreal Preference in shade 6G/Light Golden Brown
  • Garnier Nutrisse in Golden Brown B3 (Café Con Leche)
  • Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color Light Golden Brown 54.

Professional light Hazelnut Fomulas:

  • L’Oreal Majirell Professional Hair Color in shade 7.3 (half a part) + shade 8.3 (half part) + 1 part of 6% vol. developer.
  • Matrix Hair Color in shade 6N (half a part) mixed with shade 8NW (half part) + 1 part of 6%/20 vol. developer.

If you are going for a dark hazelnut shade, here are some home and professional hair dye shade ideas below:

  • L’Oreal Preference in shade 4G/Dark Golden Brown. This a dark neutral to warm hazelnut shade with chocolate undertones.
  • Garnier Nutrisse in Shade 413/Bronze Brown. A dark golden brown shade with neutral undertones.

Professional dark hair color formulas:

  • L”oreal Professional Majirell Hair Color in shade 7 (half a part) and shade 8 (half part) mixed with a 20 vol. developer.
  • Chi Ionic Hair Color in shade 5N + one part of 20 vol. developer.

Note: For lighter hazelnut hair colors on very dark hair a 6-9% developer should work in general—the lightest the shade you want to achieve, the stronger the developer volume. On the other hand, if you wish to go darker, a 10 or 3% vol. developer should work.

Glazed Hazelnut Hair Color

Glazed hazelnut hair color is a vibrant shade of hazelnut that has a glazed almost frosty-like finish, that looks especially radiant on natural sunlight or UV type of light. Glazed hazelnut shades can be further divided into light, medium, and dark although typically, they are on the medium to light range and contain natural looking highlights.

Some Home Kit-DIY ideas for glazed hazelnut hair colors:

  • L’Oreal Recital Preference in shade 5.3 Virginia. This is a vibrant glazed hazelnut color with warm undertones, perfect for brightening up light skin tones.
  • Clairol Nice and Easy Permanent Hair Color 6.5 GN 115A Natural Lighter Golden Brown Kit.
  • L’Oreal Feria line in Rich Golden Brown

Professional formulas for glazed Hazelnut color:

  • Matrix So Color in shade 6W (one part) mixed with 5W (one part) + 1 part of 6% volume developer.
  • Chi Ionic in 6W mixed with equal parts of 6% vol. developer

Hazelnut Hair Color Highlights Ideas

If you want to add some highlights and lowlights to add dimension and vibrancy to your hazelnut hair color, you can do so by trying out some DIY home highlight kits or mixing in some professional formulas. Here are some suggestions for each shade combo:

Hazelnut hair with highlights
Loreal Touch-on Highlights

For dark hazelnut color and natural medium highlights among the same range:

  • L’Oreal Couleur Experte in 5.3 Chocolate Macaroon
  • Garnier Nutrisse  Multi-Lights Highlighting Kit Bronze in Warm Bronze
  • L”Oreal Touch on Highlights in Toasted Almond

For medium hazelnut color with blonde highlights the best brands are:

  • L’Oreal Touch On Highlights in Creamy Caramel H60
  • Revlon Frost and Glow highlight kit in Medium/Dark Brown kit

Professional hair formulas for adding highlights:

  • L’Oreal Professional Hair Color in shade 7.3 (as your base color) + shade 9 as your highlight color mixed with 9% or 30 vol. developer
  • Matrix So Color in shade DA-507NG (as your base color) + DA-509NG as your highlight color mixed with 30 or 9% vol. developer.

The process for adding highlights at home is as follows:

  • You mix and the base color from the roots to the tips with the help of an applicator or special brush, dividing the hair into sections (note: if you can’t apply it all by yourself, seek the help of friend to make sure you have covered all the sections)
  • Leave the base hair color to your hair for 45 minutes or as directed in the instructions that come with the kit
  • Rinse well until the water comes clean
  • Dry your hair and apply the highlight color to small random sections of hair for a natural looking result with a hair applicator brush or by taking out individual sections out of hair cap and leave for 40 minutes max Note: If you leave the highlight color to your hair for more than the indented time, you will risk damaging your hair.
  • Rinse as usual.

How to take care of your Hazelnut Hair Color:

Because hazelnut hair color isn’t a big change for most dark and medium natural shades, it doesn’t require any special color care to maintain. If you need to maintain its vibrancy though and prevent fading, here are some product suggestions that will help:

  • John Frieda Brilliant brunette
  • Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner
  • OBX Radiant Brunette Shampoo
  • Hennara Shampoo for brunettes

The good thing with adopting a hazelnut hair shade is that it won’t look much different from your natural roots and thus it won’t require dying every once or twice a month.

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