Jazzing Hair Color Chart, Directions, Shades, Rinse & Reviews

Jazzing Hair Color has been offered online and offline for years but what exactly is it in terms of the ingredients, chart, shades, cons, pros, instructions on the best ways to use it plus reviews?If you have spotted a Jazzing Hair Color product and are curious to know everything about it, read on the rest of the article.

What is Jazzing Hair Color?

Jazzing Hair Color is basically a special addition to the Clairol’s line of hair products designed to offer a temporary tinge to the hair.

Pros & Cons

Jazzing hair color ingredients- how to use directions, prosand cons
Clairol Jazzing Hair color

Jazzing hair color has the following pros and cons:


  • Designed to offer a subtle temporary result for those looking to revive their natural hair color or want a temporary crazy color effect
  • Ideal for adding a glossy effect to natural or crazy looking shades
  • Conditions, moisturizes and brightens existing hair color
  • Contains no Ammonia and Bleach (Peroxide)
  • Offers semi-permanent hair color when heat is applied and temporary results when no heat is applied.
  • Suitable for African American hair that has been relaxed, permed, or chemically processed—doesn’t cause any heavy chemical buildup and can be used directly after relaxing service with no problems
  • Blends or partially covers grey hair by up to 60%
  • Costs less than $7 per bottle.


  • It only lasts a couple of washes and fades after just a few washes, depending on whether heat was applied during the process
  • Doesn’t offer an opaque, full-color result. If for example, you expect to get from light blonde to a full Red Shade like Rihanna’s red hair dye for example, this may not give you the same results. It might you a subtle reddish tint but nothing rich and opaque. It can however be used to enhance existing shades that lack depth and luster.
  • May give you uneven color results
  • It doesn’t work for everyone
  • It has a fairly unpleasant chemical smell
  • It may contain PPD and other potentially toxic ingredients
  • May stain scalp, face skin, and clothes if no care to avoid this has been given

Jazzing Hair color Ingredients

Water, 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1, 3-Pentanediol, hyrdoxyethylcellulose, ammonium lauryl sulfate, citric acid, fragrance, polysorbate 20, hair dye e.g. bleu 1, orange 4, etc.

Jazzing Hair Color Shades-Clear, Red Hot Black Cherry

The range of Jazzing hair color is available currently in 15 shades, ranging from natural to crazy color tinges.


A translucent clear shade with no color pigments, used to enhance and add a glossy effect to any hair color and shade. Can be used in place of greasy hair oils with the added advantage of not weighing hair out.

98/Black Cherry

One of the most famous shades of this range. A dark cherry shade with black undertones. Great for adding a bit of cherry tint to black or dark brown hair.

40/Red Hot

A shade a tad darker than cherry cola with a bit of warmer undertones.

Other Shades of Jazzing Hair Color

Here is a list of other shades:

  • 20/Bold Gold. This is a bright amber golden shade with orange undertones. This might be used to offer more dimension to copper golden hair or add golden highlights.
  • 30/Spiced Cognac. This is a medium amber shade that looks likes caramel or cognac and has slight copper undertones. Great for natural redheads or those who have dyed their hair a cinnamon or light caramel shade.
  • 50/Fuchsia plum. A bright fuchsia shade with purple/magenta undertones. Great for adding temporary fuchsia highlights in blonde hair.
  • 56/Cherry Cola. A bright red shade with cherry pink undertones. This is great for reviving and adding a more crazy hue to red hair color.
  • 58/Ruby Red. The brightest red shade in the range—great for jazzing up ordinary red hair color.
  • 60-Race wine. A shade 1 tone lighter than cherry cola with glossy rose wine undertones.
  • 78/Crème Soda. A golden toffee shade suiting those who want to add a bit of amber undertones to their golden hair.
  • 80/Toasted chestnut. A very similar shade to crème soda with slightly more golden undertones.
  • 70/Jet Grape. A medium blueberry shade with purple ink blue undertones.
  • 94/Ebony. A black shade with a subtle dark green undertones, suited for dark brown or black hair.
  • 96/Coffee Bean. A dark chocolate/coffee bean shade with golden brown undertones.
  • 99/Bluest black. A dark midnight blue shade with blacking grey undertones. Great for adding a subtle blue tone to black or dark brown hair.
Jazzing hair color Chart
Jazzing hair color shades

How to use Jazzing Hair Color-Directions/Instructions

Jazzing Hair Color is relatively easy to use and doesn’t require too much fuss or time to apply, once you know the basic steps. Here is how to use this color to your hair:

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair.
  2. Apply the formula directly from the applicator to your hair. Make sure you protect surrounding areas like your ears and hair line with Vaseline and also wear an old T-shirt to avoid stains.
  3. Leave the product to work for 5-10 minutes.
  4. For temporary looking results no heat is necessary
  5. For semi-permanent looking results that last more than a couple of washes, apply as instructed, wrap your hair with cellophane or a plastic cap, and apply heat with a hair dryer for at least a couple of minutes. The heat will make the hair color penetrate better the hair shaft and offer slightly longer lasting results. Leave again for 5-10 minutes
  6. Rinse, wash, and condition as usual.

Jazzing Hair Color Reviews & User Rating

The formula has managed to get an average score of 3.4/5 among 100+ users who have tried this and left a review in Sally’s beauty website, Amazon, and Make-up alley.

In general, most users agree that the product does enhance hair color, but results are more temporary rather than semi-permanent. The most common advantage reported by users is that the product does offer dimensions and glossiness to hair color and adds a subtle tinge. On the other hand, the most common complaint reported by users is that it only last a couple of washes, and stains skin scalp and clothes. To avoid these issues, read the tips and cautions mentioned in the tips section of below.

In general, since the product only costs around $6 and if you are just looking for a temporary way to enhance your color, it is a good idea to try this out. You might not get the results you wish for, but side effects from using this product are minimal.

Tips on Getting Best out of Jazzing Hair Color

Although it is not suggested you extend the period of leaving the product on your hair for hours, some users may able to get better results by extending the waiting period to 20 minutes and even almost an hour. A small minority of users have tried to leave the Jazzing hair color overnight. This may work but is not recommended as it might stain your skin scalp and cause additional hair damage.

Note: If you have permed or relaxed your hair same-day, it is not suggested you use heat on jazzing hair color same day as this may damage your natural hair’s porosity. Also keep in mind that the product may not work well if your hair is extremely porous to begin with. You may get some results in this case but the whole result may look uneven or not visible enough.

Your hair has to be neither too dry neither too wet to work-towel dry hair will work in most cases. Since the color only lasts a few washes, you may need to repeat the process, once week.

If you want to add subtle colored highlights to your hair, the product will work best on bleached hair, as darker colors won’t show through with Jazzing hair rinse. In this case, add the product to the individual hair sections you wish to add highlights e.g. tips wrap with tin foil, and leave for 15-20 minutes. You could optionally apply heat to prolong the results a little to more than a couple of washes.

Additional tips:

  • You can mix and match two or more shades to get certain shade, but this doesn’t necessarily make the color more opaque and richer.
  • Try not to apply too much conditioner after you rinse the color as this will make the color fade faster. The product also contains conditioning ingredients so using too much is really not needed. The same applies to hair mask and hair treatments with oils as they tend to strip hair color faster.
  • If you want to temporary correct any brassiness in your hair, try using jazzing hair color in the opposite shade and leave it to work for less than 10 minutes. For example, to correct orange tints, use a purple or green shade—to correct green hues, use a pink or orange red shade.

Jazzing Hair Color Rinse Ruby Red


  1. I did Jazzing Fuchsia Plum and got FULL coverage over lightened hair and it lasted for almost 2 months. Yes I have fine, thin, super porous hair, so there is that. And of course I use cold water, co-wash or use shea moisture products, do 50/50 white vinegar and water rinses post-co-wash once or twice a week for about a minute, then rinse with cold water to keep the cuticle closed and only clarify 2x a month – one gentle to ensure there’s no build-up on hair/scalp and once a month I must demineralize because we have really hard water (talking full malibu crystal gel treatment). The Fuchsia Plum stayed really well. Tried adding some streaks of Jet Grape. Please note that Jet Grape is freaking BLUE, don’t let the word Grape make you think it’s in the purple family. It’s not even a blue-based purple, it’s straight up blue. Did manage to get it more purple by applying more Fuchsia Plum over the streaks 😉

  2. I use jazzing to prolong the look of my red haircolor. Red hair dyes fade so fast; a couple days after I use my regular hair dye, I do a heated jazzing (hot red plus a little cherry cola). I wrap and use a heat cap, usually leave on for about 20-25 minutes while watching TV.. This helps my color last much longer, and gives my hair more shine/smoothness after coloring. People often stop me and ask me how I get such a great red color, and I have to tell them, its a two step process.

  3. I used jazzing for color in the 80s. My hairdresser would add peroxide to get to stay. My color was a amazing. I miss black orchard and wish it was brought back. Was always fun when the sun hit your hair

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