Best Hair Color for Fair Skin with Blue Eyes and Green Eyes

In order to get the best hair color for fair skin, you must look at many factors such as your undertones, eye color (whether you have blue eyes, brown eyes or green eyes) etc. You will even ask whether fair skin is warm or cool. With all these pieces of hair color quiz considered when choosing, what is the best hair color for fair skin women and men?

In this series of good hair color choices for you, we have already seen the best for people with hazel eye color. Today the focus is on fair or pale skinned women. Celebrity hair trends, though much focused on hairstyles, never fail to involve jaw dropping hair dye choices that sometimes define our entire look at what we wear.

Best Red Hair Color for Fair Skin
A nice shade of red.

Borrowing from their ideas of celebrity hair stylists such as Justin Anderson who does hair for actresses and musicians such as Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston, let’s find out suitable hair color ideas for girls with fair skin and brown eyes, blue eyes and even green eyes.

What is the Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes?

By now you already know that one of the best ways to highlight your eye color is with your hair color. You can choose to make them pop or even conceal them a little. Most people with dark brown eyes on a pale skin want to try to brighten them up because they can be a little overwhelming for fairer light skinned women. So, what is the best hair color for fair skin with brown eyes?

  • Fair skin, warm undertones and brown eyes: For this combination, Kellilynn Marie, an editor at Your Beauty recommends that you go for colors such as red, ginger, gold, rust and mahogany.
  • For people with fair skin, cool undertones and brown eyes, she recommends platinum, jet black hair dyes, flat and fawn browns, coffee and mahogany as well.

Brown eyes can sometimes come with a golden tint to them. Some people see them as light brown eyes. If you fall in this category, stick with cool tones or shades. An example would be medium brown with strokes of lighter highlights. And what should you void? Stay away from intense shades including black, white and platinum.


Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

HairWiki point out that most people with fair skin and blue eyes have blue, pink or purple undertones. That means that you are cool toned. Therefore, you will look very sexy and flattering in blonde hair, since “you make an ideal blonde”.

There’s a general temptation for girls with this characteristic set to go for very dark hair shades. While this can look good and striking against a fairer skin tone, your eyebrows and eyelashes may betray you since they are likely to be lighter than your hair. If you want to wear darker shades, then you will need to change eyebrow color (and eyelash color too).

What if you have blue eyes and freckles? What colour is best for you? Well, red can work well for your skin and freckles. In fact, some people think that fair skin, blue eyes and freckles with a good red hair color will make the perfect redhead.

  • Tip #1: Avoid ashen tones including ash blonde hair
  • Tip #2: If you have some golden sheen in your natural hair, choose warm tones such as reddish, copper, strawberry blonde as well.

Good Hair Colors for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

Did you know that green eyes are kind of rare? Well, they are very attractive, and dazzling. But being rare, you can find it so difficult to get the right advice especially when selecting makeup colors, one of them being hair colors.

Women with green eyes and a fairer skin can try on various hues, but this will depend on whether you have cool or warm undertones. As a general rule here, you can wear shades of red and brown. Black and blonde will also look great. Honey blonde, or total blonde will lighten you up and make you look lively.

  • For green eyes with fair skin and cool undertones, you can choose blonde, red, black and brown. Black will create a good contrast and allow your eyes to show; blonde with cool, light ash and platinum tones will make you outstanding while shades of red with hints of purple will help you show off your green eye color.
  • For ladies with fair skin, green eyes and warm undertones, go for blonde, but avoid brass-like or very light shades. Medium colors with caramel and bronze hues will look great.

Best Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

So, what is the best blonde hair dye for fair skin tone? Celebrity women with a light skin such as Gwen Stefani have made it a staple and signature color choice with a platinum blonde hue. Some top hair colorists such as Marie Robinson and Rita Hazan, as quoted on Allure Magazine (see sources at the end) note that blonde hair colors for fair skin can be tailor-made to suit your particular undertones. Here are blonde shades to go for:

Platinum Blonde

This one can be worn with red lipstick as well. Even with the bright color on your lips, you will still remain confident that your facial features are not camouflaged or lost.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde hair color on fair skin
Golden blonde.

Think a celebrity like Margot Robbie. She has the striking blonde hair on her fair skin with green eyes. If you have light eyes and light skin as well, go for a nice mix of honey, gold and butter. According to Hazan, this will make you look naturally blonde.

Sandy Blonde on Warm Fair Skin

Again, a good celebrity to borrow from is Scarlett Johansson. If your skin looks warmly rich, your colorist should go for dark blonde color at the base and then highlight from the mid length with cool highlights.

Dark blonde hair dye with cool highlights
Dark blonde with cool highlights

Natural Blonde Women

Sometimes you want to give your natural hair a twist and some richness. When this is so, you can add some warmth to the roots of your hair with a brownish blonde shade then add some buttery highlights. If your colorist and stylist makes these highlights cascade, you will definitely look perfect.

For the simplicity of choosing and making sure your colorist gets the right temporary hair dye for this look, instruct for a caramel hair dye for the base, light blonde dye for your mid-length highlights and finally some faded or pale shades for shaping your face.

Best Brunette Hair Color for Fair Skin

Best Brunette Hair Color for Fair Skin
Brunette Hair

Brunette hair color, also known to be brown shades, has a reputation of boring. But that is because it is oftentimes done the wrong way. If you know how to choose the right brunette hair color for fair skin, you will come out stunning and chic. You can have it all, from brunette shades for warm skin tones, brunette hair color for green eyes and fair skin, cool skin tones and a lot more. So, let’s see what your picks should be if you have fair skin and want to go brunette-tey.

Mahogany Hair Dye on Fair Skin: It is true that when you choose what is seen as an ultra-dark shade on light skin complexion, you are likely to look bad. However, when you add some tinges of red, boom! You will have something completely cool. Just make thicker ribbons so that you get a soft look despite the shades of hair being very close.

Ombre Shades on Fair Skin: See Jessica Biel. You will go for dark to light variations of ombre hair color on fair skin. This will make sure that the effect is not harsh. Simply let your hair colorist to choose a medium brown base and go with “two shades lighter range through the tips” as advised Josh on Allure Magazine. Something else worth considering – choose waves over straight hair because waves will conceal the painting.

Golden Brown Brunette Hair Color on Pale Skin: Now, if you are looking for a beachy look on your mane, then this is a good brunette hair color for your fair skin with yellow undertones. Not only can you look flamboyant but also very natural especially if you make your hair wavy.

  • Let your colorist to paint your bases light brown
  • Then go for highlights that are two to three shades lighter in order to give your hair dimension

According to Harry Josh, this kind of hair dye does not need too many touch ups. He actually says that just three times of touch ups every year are enough. (Harry Josh does Gisele’s hair).

Best Red Hair Color for Fair Skin

Auburn red
Auburn red

Red hair and it shades is not reserved for girls with fair skin tone. However, even though every beautician knows that pale or light skinned people will definitely score well with this color shade, there are a few variations you can go for to look fresh and creative. With that in mind, here are the best red hair colors for light skin you will find flattering.

  • Brownish Copper Red Dye: Copper to orange is one of the commonest types of red dyes in the hair beauty industry. You have seen it on celebrities such as Tomassi Hill and Hendricks. Note that if you have an olive skin tone, this kind of red will clash with your undertones.
  • Soft Ginger: Ginger hair colors are common with women are natural redheads. Since it is a naturally lighter hue or shade, you can make it more of a red shade by choosing the darker tones. They can look good on both warm skin tones and cool skin tones. Any darker shade of ginger will look great on women with light eyes and light skin as well.
  • Auburn Hair Color on Fairer Skin: Girls with a fair complexion with neutral undertones, go ahead and make the medium auburn shine with gloss treatment.
  • Bright Orange Red: Probably the best hair color for pale skins. Sometimes, it is described as carroty. When you try it, you will notice that it will light up a pale face and make features such as eye color and your lip color stand out. Caution: Bright orange red dye for pale skin is not good on long hair.

Best Brown Hair Colors for Fair Skin

Do you have a light skin tone? Well, according to Deborah Dunham writing for You Beauty, “staying within two levels of your natural color most likely means keeping your hair a medium brown shade.” She goes ahead to advice on choosing shades of brown hair dye for fairer women:

Brown hair color for fair skin
Brown Hair
  • First, avoid very dark hair tones. Reason? If you are fair skinned, you do not have enough pigment to handle the darker brown shades.
  • Second, test with warm red tones of brown as you move towards the lighter ones such as strawberry.
  • Third, in most cases, these tones work perfectly as highlights than as the main hue.

Best Hair Color for Cool Fair Skin

Cool skin tone depends a lot on the undertones you have. If you do not know how to determine whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, you can try various tests, such as the vein test. With that in mind, what general hair colors look good for cool fair skins? There will be many variations here in this light:

Best hair color for cool fair skin
Cool and fair skinned

According to Minardi, you should “avoid dark colors like deep browns and blacks as contrasting skin and hair tones are less flattering” if you have cool fair skin. You can apply warm-light brown tones of hair or and have a mix of blonde highlights.

Really, choosing hair colors and dyes can be a big challenge if you have no idea how to match what to what, or what to highlight. While you can get it right with the best hair colors for fair skin (and specific eye color), it is easy to encounter other challenges such as freckles, wrinkles and even age. When this is the case, always refer to your hair colorist to help you with your choice.


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  1. I have a greenish blue eyes with yellow in them and I have a fair skin tone. It’s hard to find a good hair color that looks good on me. I either dye it too dark or too light. I already have naturally blonde hair that is coming back and then the rest is dark brown. I want to go back to dark brown, but I feel like I will get the wrong color and it will be to dark and I’ll wind up looking like that one girl from The Addams Family. I just need help.

    1. I have the same kind of eyes and skin, but I have dark brown hair, and it works great for me! Your hair sounds really cool, but if you really want to dye your hair brown, I would suggest Dark Chocolate brown with highlights of Milk chocolate brown. It makes me look kind of Irish, if that helps. Good luck with your hair!

  2. Hello Sophia,
    Thank you for writing in and contributing a question. I am glad to help you out. I would suggest the Keratin Color of products for your hair, blue eyes and fair skin. There is 4.6 Intense Cocoa and 5.3 Berry Brown, both are really nice colors. When you use them apply to the roots of your natural hair and the last 5 minutes of the color apply to the rest of the hair then rinse and condition. Feel free to leave further comments and thank you again for writing in.

  3. Anyone with a pale skin tone with yellow undertones, and maybe some freckles (like Emma Stone), I would recommend you try golden red range of shades. For me, it is the best hair color for fair or pale skin tone because such women try to avoid colors that will appear to be too natural. Just play up the contrast game between the locks and your complexion. I know, yes I know it will take you a lot of guts to try on warm hair colors when you have a pale skin but something you should know is that shades of red complement freckles and the yellow undertones!!

  4. I have pale skin (cool skin tone) and very light blue eyes, blond hair, freckles and dark eyebrows and dark eyelashes naturally. I would like to color my hair to silver grey. Is that a good idea?

  5. I have pale cool skin and blue eyes, my hair is naturally a really dark brown. I was considering dying my hair black because it might not be too much of a change, but I’m worried I’ll look more pale than what I already am. I am not particularly fond of blonde or red, but is there another colour that might work besides black?

  6. Hello,
    I have a very dark brown in my hair and its too harsh. I have very pale skin , with a very pink undertone at times. I’d love to go red maybe a deep copper or burgundy, but would their be one you would suggest when I have a pink undertone?
    Or should I stick to a blond could? Thanks in advance

  7. So I have naturally light eyebrows and eyelashes with platinum blonde hair and fair/pale skin and I want to dye my hair fire truck red but I’m not sure how it will look with my light eyebrows.. What other colors would look good? I’m sick of being blonde and I want a change

  8. I have fair skin with a round face and blue eyes. I’m trying get something different than just blonde because I want something that’s going to give my skin more color to it and not look so dull. I’m getting bored with just blonde all the time and so I wouldn’t mind trying something new

  9. Hello: I had med auburn brown hair all my life – I now am older with VERY gray roots (my colorist said they are white – but to me it looks gray) He suggested I go “blonde” and not fight the gray roots. So, I have gone from an med to light auburn brown with gray roots (that always needed coloring) to a very severe all blonde hair color. I feel I look very washed out. I have blue/green eyes, freckles and yellow undertones. Should I put reddish or copper streaks in my now blonde hair? I can’t get used to this blonde color, altho, my roots are blending in. I just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  10. PS: I must add that I have dark eyebrowns (altho starting to turn gray) (but I color them) and dark eyelashes

  11. Hi! I have pale, cool toned skin. The only undertone you really see on my face is the purple under my eyes lol. My hair is naturally medium brown and my eyes change colors between blue, green and grey. Sometimes a blend of those colors. What colors or tones should I stick with?

  12. Hi
    I have blue eyes and very fair skin with dark hair atm. Wondering what you can recommend want something to make my eyes stand out but not wash me out

  13. I have blueish green eyes. My natural hair color is black. I have very pink undertones. My favorite semi permanent hair color was chocolate cherry creme and every 3 or 4 months do a cherry creme. Well I can’t find either over the counter now. My hair is bleached now. My husband loves it but I think I look younger with darker hair. Now I’m lost as what to do. I have yet to find a hairdresser that can get the same color I got over the counter.

  14. I m almost 64,I have the lightest color makeup ever seen.I have very few freckles.My eyes are blue green in the center with a blue rim surrounding that color. I have blue green eyes,fine .I do not know which color to try.I had blond hair in kindergarden but it is probably ash blonde now and with some white hair .Help.I use Loreal hair color .

  15. i am fair skin tone hazel eyes with a tint of yellow in them my hair is usually brown or black but was wanting to go lighter, i, afraid it will make me look pale any advise on what color would work for me .

    1. Hi Stacy, I believe you should try a warm cinnamon brown or caramel brown, these shades look fantastic on hazel eyes and fair skin tones with neutral or yellow undertones and won’t wash you out. I’m assuming you already know that light and cool blonde shades wouldn’t work that much for you but you can make them work a bit if you use bright make-up to brighten things out/alone they will look too cool and pale. Hope this helps.

  16. Dear Victoria,

    I need help, I have been trying to find the right hair colour shade all my life, I have hazel green eyes, golden skin tone, and freckles. My natural hair colour is an ash light brown, I have not been able to find this colour ever since, as my grey roots are also starting to show.
    What should I do? I have dyed my hair recently to a very dark chocolate, but I am thinking it is too harsh for me.

    Thank you in advance, and love your site!

    1. Hello Sarah. I understand your struggle as I’ve been there myself and it took me years to finally find the shade that suits me the most. I believe you should refrain from too light or too dark shades as these may look a bit harsh on you, based on your natural colors. Have you ever tried a light cappuccino brown/iced coffee brown? This shade is nicely balanced and it’s great if you want to enhance your natural eye color while downplaying your freckles a bit. I think you would also look great with dark ginger blonde hair (Google Emma Stone to get an idea) or a medium honey blonde. Hope this helps…

  17. I have fair skin & fairly dark blue eyes. My natural hair color is med brown. I would like something soft in color since I am 67 yrs of age. But definitely not blonde. I used to get highlights at the beauty shop , but since retirement that got to be to expensive. I I currently use a med ash blonde but not happy with it. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Hello Peggy,
      Without looking at your pic and based solely on the info you have already provided, it seems like you need to choose a slightly warmer shade than the one you already have without being excessively orange or warm. I’d personally suggest you go for a cinnamon brown shade with subtle copper undertones (especially if you have green or hazel or blue eyes) or a medium mocha brown shade that is neutral to warm. These shades are great for mature skin tones as they blend nicely without washing you out or appear too excessive. Adding a few natural highlights that are just a shade lighter would also help add depth and definition but don’t go too light as the overall result will look fake. Hope this helps…

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  19. Hello,

    Looking to try something new. I have very pale skin I believe cool toned, with lots of freckles and light amber brown eyes, that can appear darker at times. I was born a strawberry blonde but over the years it got darker and darker. Now it is a dark brown nearly black. I do pull a lot of red when I colour my hair. I would love to try something a little more adventurous or bold. Could I pull off a dark cherry red or a mahogany shade, or would it make me look yellowish in skin tone?

  20. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Finding the time and
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  21. I have pale pink almost ruddy skin tone with dark blue green eyes. I have shoulder length very curly hair that is fine and would not tolerate straightening. I have blonde eyebrows and light eyelashes. I am currently a medium ash blonde but it looks kinda lifeless with my curls. I know I need some low lights and highlights but what about the color. I also dont like to wear a lot of makeup. Thank you Lynn

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