Best Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Before you choose or try any hair color ideas, the one important thing to consider is your skin tone. Women of cool skin tones can wear shades of ash brown, red, blonde or unnatural hair colors such as rose gold and mint green. These options will depend on your eye color, be it blue, green or hazel and your type of hair.

Cool skin undertones in the skin are characterized by the skin leaning more towards pink, red or blue. People with cool undertones or with a ruddy cooler undertone, bluish-red or pink are “Those who burn and either tan minimally or not at all.”

Here are general guidelines when choosing color shades that will look good on cool undertones.

Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

For the fun and unnatural hair color ranges for cool skin, you can wear shades of blue, green, pink, deep reds, orchids, burgundies and even purples.


The blue family are some of the trendy unnatural hair color ideas, which are worth a try. A good example is cobalt blue; a very versatile, crazy and bold color that will make everyone turn their head.

Blue-unnatural hair color for cool skin tone

Depending on your skin tone, you can work with the shades of blue and find out something suitable according to your mood and preference.


Generally, green is one of the most outstanding unnatural hair colors anyone identify. Mint green, in particular has a hint of blue in it which even makes it prettier. You can choose anything from a more subdued to bright lime green depending on your tastes.

Green hair color for cool undertones


Teal hair color is a blend of blue and green colors, sometimes referred to as mermaid hair.

It is a vibrant color, and you can play with the color palette going from dark, medium to light to find that perfect match for yourself. It works well with almost all skin tones.

Teal Hair color

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink hair is one of the prettiest hair color out there. It is a light version of pink that’s usually fused with other lighter fashion colors like blonde and even purples or worn on its own.

Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink

Pastel pink can be both subversive and bold, along with being delicate and demure. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose from light to deeper shades of pastel pink, which will also say a lot about your personality.

Rose Gold

This a combination of pink, red, and blonde and all these complement every skin tone. It is exceptionally versatile, and it is an appropriate hair color for almost all occasions.

Other unnatural hair color ideas of cool undertones include;

  • Silver
  • Lilac
  • Scarlet Red
  • Orange
  • Purple

Red Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones

Red hair color for cool skin tone
Red hair color, pale skin and cool skin tone.

What is the best red hair color for cool skin tones? Different shades of red hair dye color can look good on you, but you really have to be careful when choosing. For women with blue eyes and freckles, red hair colors are just the best complement. But what shade red hair should you wear to complement your cool skin and eye color?

  • To start with, bold, cool red looks good on pale skin and pink undertones.
  • Subtle red in the taste of vanilla and spice are also great for girls who do not want to commit to blonde, but come close to red. It is simply a soft red with intense copper lowlights that will contrast the beige blonde undertones and strike a balance with your cool skin tone.
  • In order to enhance your cool complexion, you can also go with cool red brown hair color in the tune of rich red velvet.

Some naturally light redheads such as Amy Adams make a good example of how people play around with their hair colors in order to make the perfect shade that complements their cooler skin tone. You can get inspiration from her own styles, which she simply enriches to something like strawberry blonde. It really allows her blue eyes to pop.

Brown & Ash Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Brown hair color shades are by far the most popular hair colors and dyes. But is it a good hue for women with cool skin tones?  Most people focus more on blondes and red shades, but brown is definitely a color that you can comfortably wear with a cool skin tone and even variation of eye colors such as brown eyes, blue eyes and green eye color.

Ash bases are neutral and will definitely look pretty on a cool skin undertones.

Brown hair on cool skin tone and green eyes
Dark brown hair on cool skin undertones and green eyes

So, what is the best brown hair color for people with cool skin tones? Since cool skin toned women show hints of pink around their cheek bones, neutral and lighter brown hair colors will look good on them. Something I would add to this hair color idea is that you can couple it with straight hairstyles.

  • Medium brown hair color looks with cooler undertones will also look best on girls with cool skin tones.
  • Another shade is light brown hair dye, which naturally may look one-dimensional but is a favorite match for medium skin tones, usually for cool and warm skin tones. What’s more is that if you are considering blonde highlights, then light brown will be a good base color to use.
  • Though I found this debatable on some sources, medium ash brown is an ideal color for girls with cool skin tones and pink undertones. Hints of blue and green make it one of the best hair colors for cool skin tones.

Blonde Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones

blonde hair for cool skin and green eyes
Green eyes, blonde hair and cool pink undertones.

Isn’t going blonde on the mind of almost every other girl, at least at some point in their lives? If you are thinking that right now, what would be the best blonde hair color for cool skin tones? In order to get what blonde hair color suits cool skin tones, you must first avoid having any warmth in your blonde. If you do so, you will end up with a flushed skin.

  • Girls with pink undertones should choose cooler shades of blonde such as beige blondes and sandy blondes.
  • According to Vogue Magazine, however, recommended blonde colors for people with cool undertones platinum blonde can help make you look warmer.
  • Creamy and buttery shades are also recommended by the Magazine.
  • Women with a fair skin and want to go blonde can also try a full light blonde in order to change their looks in a more dramatic way.
  • If you choose to go blonde, ensure you remain within the range of mint to platinum. Some icy white blondes will also look good on you.

Best Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones and Blue Eyes, Green Eyes

When it comes to hair colors for different eye colors, there might be a few changes you will make. People with cool skin tones like Amy Adams, according to InStyle, naturally have blue eyes, green eyes gray eyes or green hazel. A few of them will have dark brown eyes or hazel with brown to golden flecks in them.

Soft red hair color on cool skin tone courtesy of Latest-Hairstyles
Soft red hair color.

We have already discussed the best hair color ideas for blue eyes and cool skin tones and you can follow the link to see our suggestions. In a nutshell, here are the best hair dyes to try on in order to make blue eyes pop.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Brown with wheat highlights
  • Black hair colors and
  • Intense brown shades

What about the best hair color for cool skin tones and green eyes? Similarly, we have done a comprehensive listing of the best ideas you can get if you have green eyes.

  • Go for intense shades as well, such as blonde, red and brown to complement your skin.
  • Never forget to do highlights to take your hair to the next level of gorgeous. Recommended highlights are taupe, ash and wheat. Another tip is to contrast these highlights with the base hair color in order to make your green eyes pop or shine.

Brunette Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Brunettes are in the range of browns and are said to be the second most popular in terms of hair color. When spring comes, most women consider brunette hair color as a trend. Personally I like the trend. When choosing the right brunette hair colors for cool skin tones, keep in mind your natural eye color as well because you might end up playing them down instead of enhancing them, or making them pop.

Brunette Hair Color for cool skin tone women
Brunette Hair Color

So, what are the best brunette hair color ideas for cool skin tones? According to Elaina Verhoff of SheKnows, “Cool-toned individuals tend to have darker colored eyes and either dark, olive-toned skin or pale skin with pink undertones.” She therefore recommends brunette shades of deep browns, sandy blondes and golden brown brunette hair dyes.

In this light, I would recommend some cool toned shades of brunette that will naturally bring out the beauty in you. Here are some of the best choices you should try on.

  • Dark chocolate brown hair dye is the right rich and deep chocolate to make a statement with.
  • Light ash brown brunette is a tone that is likely to worry you a little because of its supposed unflattering hints of reddish hues. You should not worry about these. A lighter shade will brighten you up always.
  • Dark champagne brunette is the perfect mix of blonde and brown. This is good for natural cool skin toned blondes who want to make their hair a little darker. It will look perfect on you.
  • Dark chestnut hair color.

Best Dark Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

We all know just how shiny hair looks on almost any woman. It simply screams healthy hair and that is the reason why dark hair has been a trend for ages. The contrast that is created with dark hair on cook skin tones is spectacular.

We have already seen dark browns and most shades of brown that are suitable for cool skin tone. Now the golden part you want to know is that if you have cool undertones, black hair will look best on you. In fact, hair expert Marcy Cona recommends this as the perfect hair color for girls with pink and blue hints in their complexion. It comes out as the “most dramatic of black hair color,” she says.

Fun Highlights for Cool Skin Tones

For girls who want hair highlights for cool skin tones, ash shades will always look perfect and cute. Alternative colors for highlights include honey, taupe and wheat shades.

Cool Skin Tone Hair Color Chart

Light red brown hair color
Light red brown hair color

If you are looking to enhance your looks and maybe change your traditional hair dye, then the place to start even before buying that kit or box hair dye is with the manufacturer’s hair color chart. Most hair color charts will show four major colors, that is, black, red, brunette and blonde.

It goes a little deeper than that because the main colors are changed in their tone when they are combined by either cool or warm hair color tones in order to create different matches for different skin colors and tones. It might be hard, for example, to find a hair color chart for cool skin tones, but most salons will have them.

  • Majority of skin tone hair color charts will provide charts for each of the four main hair colors in options of warm, cool and neutral tones or shades.
  • Use the chart for choosing a good hair color for your cool skin tone and what will match your eye color.
  • The chart can also help you choose highlights for cool skin tones so that you can highlight specific areas of your face, hair and even eyes.

General Hair Colors to Avoid for Cool Undertones

Cool brown hair color for cool skin tones Courtesy of BeautyHigh
Cool brown hair color for cool skin tones. Photo Credit:

If you clash your hair color choice, you will end up looking drawn, sallow and exhausted. There are bad hair color choices for cool skin-toned people. Mostly, warm hair colors are not really the best for you. Try to avoid dying your hair with these colors, or simply avoid these tones and shades:

Try to stick to the hair colors in the general categories that we have advised above and more specific ones that we have listed below in order to enhance your complexion, eye color and general youthful look. So, let’s start with red. Which red hair dye looks good on cool skin tones?



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