Dealing with Receding Hairline in Men(Black & White)

Receding hairline in men is a continuous process of hair loss that frequently starts from the forehead. The condition affects both white and black men. A receding hairline is common in old people although it can affect even teens. Its causes are mainly genetic traits which are inherited from parents. Here are the causes, treatments, remedies, best hairstyles and haircuts for receding hairlines in men.

Some hairstyles and haircuts likes bun are also known to cause this condition. The good thing is that the condition has treatments which include home remedies.

Receding hairline men
Receding hairline men

What is receding hairline in men?

Receding hairline in men is a continuous process of hair loss where the hairline begins to thin mainly on either sides of ones forehead.

In men receding hairline is the major cause of hair loss. This condition of losing hair is called male baldness patterns. This condition can affect any male person despite their age.  In young men, the problem is majorly caused by inherited genetic traits or it may be due to an immune response.

Signs of receding hairline in men

Receding hairline is a continuous process where one will start losing hair slowly by slowly then the problem will grow bigger and affect a large portion of one’s head.

Below are some of the signs of receding hairline in men.

signs of hairline recession
Celebrities with dwindling hairlines.
  1. Hair loss on temples. It is the first indication that one is likely to be affected by a receding hairline. As soon as you notice this, you should start using remedies which can prevent the condition from growing.
  2. Losing hair when bathing or combing the hair. The hair follicles will have stated to thin and become weaker hence the losing if hair when it is stretched.
  3. Slower hair growth. The hair follicles will be receiving very little or no nutrients to speed up the rate of hair growth, this is the cause of slow hair growth.

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What Causes Receding Hairline in Men?

The causes of receding hairline in men range from age to inherited genetic traits from parents. Other causes are discussed below:

1. Low testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a role in development of male reproductive tissues. When produced in low quantities it reacts with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which leads to secretion of hormone Androgen Dihydrotestosterone.

The hormone is used in hair follicles, skin and prostrate. It is responsible for stimulating secondary sexual characteristics during puberty. This in turn affects the growth of hair by limiting blood flow to the hair follicles, which denies hair nutrients and eventually hair will thin, shrink and fall off causing receding hairline in men.

2. Man bun hairstyle

It is also called the bro bun hairstyle. It works for men who have long hair where the hair is stretched and collected together at the center of the head. It is then tied with a rubber band. The stretching pulls out some hair, weakens and causes stress on hair follicles. The hairs then fall of causing a receded hairline.

3. Lots of Vitamin A and chemotherapy

Vitamin A is soluble in fat, because of this property it can accumulate in the body causing hair loss due to damage of internal organs like the liver.

Chemotherapy are powerful drugs that attack cancer cells. In the process of attacking the harmful cells, the drugs can also attack useful cells in the body like cells in the hair roots. This denatures the cells making them incapable of supporting hair growth leading to slow hair growth and eventually receding hairline.

5. Receding hairline caused by age

Age is the common cause of receding hairline in men. As one grows older, the cell division process slows down. The cells that support hair growth also multiply slowly leading to reduced rate of hair growth which eventually leads to loss of hair.

As one ages, his hair follicles also age, this means that the follicles will be weak making hair to fall off easier leading to hair loss.

6. As a result of heredity

Receding hairline can be an inherited trait from your mother or father. The trait is transferred through hormones. Androgen receptor is the gene that causes receding of the hairline. When the gene is strong, the individual will start experiencing receding of the hairline at a younger age. The gene is transferred from both father and mother to son.

7. Receding hairline caused by stress

Hair loss can cause hair to start receding in men
Stress can lead to hair loss

Stress can cause the immune system and other important bodily functions like cell division to grow weaker, which will lead to hair loss and reduced new growth. Stress and anxiety are known make a person pull out his hair without him realizing it. Stress also causes disorders in the scalp characterized by shedding of hair. This leads to hair loss thus a receded hairline.

8. Receding hairline caused by use of chemicals

Chemicals have different properties. Some are acidic. When applied on the scalp, they interfere with the process of hair growth because the hair cells cannot operate in an acidic environment.

Some chemicals are concentrated, when applied on the scalp; they snatch hair follicle cells moisture through osmosis making the cells dehydrated leading to a slower rate of hair growth.

Receding hairline in black men

Receding hairlines in black men
Receding hairlines in black men.

Receding hairline is common in black men. In many cases, the problem is associated with genetic trait and oversensitivity to an androgen called DHT – though this also could be due to their hairstyles such as tight curled hairstyles, like cornrows that put more stress on the hairline, causing hair follicle damage which leads to receding of the hairline.

Treatment for receding hairline in black men

When the receding hairline is in its initial stages, most black men opted to try a simple approach through anti hair loss shampoo and camouflaging agents which are meant to make the receded part of the head to look like the rest of the head. More attention and medical care is usually opted for when the receding cannot be hidden any more. Some of the medications include:

1.    Scalp micro pigmentation

It is a non-surgical method of adding colored pigments into the scalp using tiny needles. The color of the pigments should be same as the hair of the client. For quality results, the latest equipment should be used and by an experienced person.

It is more effective than other methods because it does not leave behind any side effects or scars on the scalp of the clients.

2.    Use of Nizoral shampoo

Nizoral hair shampoo is used to treat fungus on the scalp. This is because it contains ketoconazole which is an antifungal. Ketoconazole prevents fungus from developing cell walls thereby stopping fungal growth.

Because fungal diseases on the scalp cause hair loss which leads to receding, nizoral shampoo is considered to be an effective way of dealing with hair loss. The shampoo should be used for three days.

3. Scalp massage

Scalp massage increases the circulation of blood on the scalp, this brings more nutrients to the hair follicles, improving their health and supporting the growth of healthy hair in black men.

The use of vitamin E liquid and olive oil during massages help in blocking the bonding of DHT with the follicles. This speeds up the rate of hair growth

Hairstyles for a receded hairline in black men

A receded hairline can be the most unfashionable thing anyone would like to have on their heads. The good thing is that the condition can be hidden using some hairstyles. Below are some of the hairstyles which can hide a receded hairline in black men:

1. Faded Mohawk hairstyle

This hairstyle involves trimming the hair on the sides of the head and leaving the hair on top of the head to grow taller. The trimmed hair on the side of the head should be at the same length as the receding hairline. This will hide the receded hairline and also enhance the looks of the black person. This hairstyle is suitable for people who the receding has not advanced.

Undercut hairstyle for men
Undercut hairstyle for men

2. Undercut hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for black men who have long hair. The hairs on the sides of the head are clean shaven while the hair on the top are curled.  It is also suitable for people whose receding hairline is not in an advanced stage.

Haircuts and hairstyles for receding hairline in men

A receded hairline is a very an unattractive feature in a man’s head. Below are some hairstyles which hide the receded hairline:

1. Bald shave

This style involves shaving all the hair on the head. The head remains clean. It is effective for those people whose receding hairline has grown and affected nearly the whole head.

It is an easy to maintain hairstyle because once a person shaves; he only needs to maintain the hygiene of his scalp only without having to worry about hair. The bald shave is meant to hide the empty scalp which has been caused by hair loss.

2. Caesar Cut

Best haircuts for receding hairlines in men

The hairstyle involves clipping the shorter hair on the sides of the head while the middle part is left longer and brushed forwards. Additional products are needed to keep the hair in place and can really help in concealing not just a receding hairline in men but also top thinning of hair.

3. Wavy longer bangs hairstyle

This hairstyle covers a larger surface when compared to any kind of straight haircuts. It will also require very little hair care products to ensure it stays intact. If done by a professional, this men’s haircut for receding hairline can help in camouflaging any window’s peak you are growing as your hair is slowly receding. It works best for people who have natural wavy hair that is long.

4. The silver fox hairstyle

Also called roger sterling hairstyle. It is similar to short textured fringe haircut and it is good for people whose receding and thinning hair still has some hair on the top. It is basically a short haircut where you will cut it to length that it can be combed over to the side.

5. Shag Hairstyles

It is also called saggy haircut or bed haircut. It involves allowing longer hair to fall into your forehead while the back will have medium length hair. For a perfect look some styling cream, gel or wax and mess may be used to mess up the hair.

6. Short textured fringe haircut

It helps in hiding a partially receding hairline. It works well since it will add some volume to your forehead. Cut the hair to be a few inches long and carefully style it to create maximum volume on the front part of your forehead. Cut with the difference being it is combed to one direction. At your hairline, you form a short fringe that will help in hiding your receding hairline.

7. Spiked and textured haircut

Allow the hair on top of your head to be longer than hair on the sides of your head. The short hairs on the sides of the head are meant to match with the receding hairline. This hairstyle works well with people whose forehead has not lost a lot of hair.

8. The Comb Over hairstyle for receding hairline

Works well with people who have a receding hairline but have long hair on the head.  The long is combed towards the receded hairline therefore covering it.

9. Widows peak hairstyle

Widows peak
Widows peak

If the hairline has already formed a V shaped widow’s peak on your forehead, trim the hair on the sides and leave the hair on top of the peak to be taller. This style does not hide the peak but uses it to its advantage.

10. Short back and sides hairstyle

The hairs on the sides and back of the head are trimmed while the hairs on the middle of the head are left to grow taller. The short hair on the sides of the head camouflage with the receding hairline while the long hair on the middle of the head can be combed forward to hide a receding forehead.

Treatment to stop hairline recession

Hairline recession is curable because hair follicles shrink but they do not die during recession. Below are some of the treatments to stop hairline recession.

1. Use of minoxidil to stop hairline recession

Minoxidil is also called Rogaine. It helps to increase the amount of blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles. This stimulates them to grow faster and restores dormant follicles. It is used twice per day and the results on the head start showing up after six months.

2. Hair Transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery involves taking hair from a healthy section of the scalp and inserting it in locations where hair is receding. The disadvantage of this treatment is that minor scarring may occur in the area where the hair was removed. It can take six months for the transplanted hairs to take on a natural appearance.

3. Use of corticosteroid injections

This is the injection of steroids directly into the receded part of the head stimulate hair growth. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the injections send small doses of cortisone to affected areas. It usually takes about four weeks for new hair growth to become visible.

4. Scalp reduction surgery to deal with hairline recession

A part of the already bald hair is removed and the skin is stretched. This technique is not advisable for men who have excessive baldness or a hairline that is receded too much. It might have scaring side effects.

5. Use of finasteride pills

It is also called propecia. It is an anti-androgen pill that is taken orally. It reduces the amount of DHT on the scalp of the head which usually attack follicles by denying them a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients.

6. The laser comb

It’s also called the laser band. Low levels of laser waves are emitted to the receding part of the head. The waves stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the scalp.

7. ACell and platelet rich plasma injection

ACell is a catalyst used to rejuvenate dormant hair follicle cells. This leads to regrowth of hair in the parts of the head that had started to experience receding.

Platelet rich plasma is obtained from blood, it has hair growth properties. When a mixture of ACell and platelet rich plasma is injected to the affected areas of the head, the hair dormant hair follicles will regrow. The injection is done for ninety days.

Home remedies for receding hairline

Receding hairline in men can be treated and managed using home available products. Home remedy products are naturally available and are very effective. Below are some of the major remedies:

1. Use of coconut milk remedy

Coconut milk spurs hair growth. Apply coconut milk on the affect area and leave it throughout the night. Wash it off in the morning. This can help in regrow receding hairline. However, it has to be done in early stages to be effective.

2. How to use a mixture of Castor oil and Lemon Essential Oil for receding hairline

The mixture can restore a receded hairline. The steps are:

  1. Mix eight table spoons of castor oil to one tablespoon of lemon essential oil
  2. Massage your scalp for about two minutes.
  3. Leave it for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. This should be done for thirty days.

3. Mixture of fresh Avocado, Lime Juice and Coconut Oil mixture remedy

A mixture of fresh avocado, four tablespoons of coconut milk and two tablespoons of lime juice can be blended and used to gently massage your scalp to help hair regrowth. You can afterwards use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.

4. Mixture of Hibiscus, Clary Sage and Rosemary Essential Oil combined with Jojoba Oil

  1. Mix half tablespoon of hibiscus, clary sage rosemary essential oils and about ten tablespoons of jojoba oil.
  2. Massage the scalp for about one to two minutes.
  3. Rinse the scalp after fifteen minutes using a gentle shampoo and cold water.

5. Use of onions juice

Onions have high levels of sulfur; onion juice can be placed on the scalp for about an hour before you shampoo your hair. It can also be mixed together with olive oils and cinnamon powder.

6.  Use of Fresh pineapple

Pineapple is a good source of vitamin C which helps to strengthen the hair and prevent scalp infections. Eating this fruit daily is an effective way of preventing receding of the hairline.

7. Fish oil as a remedy

Omega 3 in fish oil helps to counter Dihydrotestosterone hormone which causes receding of the hairline.

8. Mixture of castor oil and lemon

The mixture can be applied to the scalp to help stop hair loss and restore hair growth. In order to use it effectively, follow the steps below:

  1. Mix eight tablespoons of castor oil and one tablespoon lemon
  2. Pour a small amount of the liquid in your hands and use it to massage the affected scalp.
  3. After two minutes, clean the scalp with cool water.

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