Best Teal Hair Dye, Color + Shades of Dark Teal on Dark & Brown Hair.

Teal hair color or dye is a statement of confidence. This color comes in shades of teal blue, teal green, dark teal hair, pastel, and light teal hue. How would it look on black hair or brown hair? Here’s a guide on the best teal hair dye brands, temporary and permanent dyes, and whether it is suitable for medium, fair, dark or light skin tones.

Teal hair color is probably one of the most surefire ways to grab the attention of others—if you are fed-up with ordinary hair colors like black, brown, or blonde and you fancy an extraordinary change, then perhaps you should try dying your hair teal like the likes of Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner who showed the rest of us that it’s really a viable option.

Best teal hair dye
Crazy hair colors

Overall, teal hair suits you if:

  • You have a frisky, upbeat, and wild personality
  • You want to make your own statement and stand out from the crowd
  • You want to appear “aquatic” or “mermaid” like
  • You have experimented with other hair colors in the past and want to try something extraordinary
  • Your hair is light blonde or has been bleached to light blonde—if your hair is too dark to begin with you can still dye your hair teal as long as you use bleach first
  • Your hair is in good condition and doesn’t look fried or damaged
  • You have dark brown, brown, hazel, or dark green eyes (if you have blue eyes don’t worry, it will still suit you but it won’t make an interesting contrast).

If you have checked all or almost all of the above then teal hair color is the most right for you. Of course, since this is a high risk hair color, we suggest you consider the tips discussed below to make the most of your teal dye:


Best Teal Hair Dye, Brands and Shades

Before we mention the best teal hair dye, it is important first to determine the shade you are looking for as even specific bright colors like teal also come in multiple hues: light teal, sea teal, emerald teal, green teal, dark green teal, etc. For more specific info on each shade/hue of teal, read on the following sections of the article. After you have decided on the shade of teal you want to dye your hair, to find the best teal hair dye for your skin tone, eye color, consider these tips:

Pastel teal shade
Pastel teal shade

Teal hair colors are not widely available in all salons as most seem to work with natural and ordinary hair colors. However, there are quite a few places online such as Sally Beauty, Amazon, EBay, and hair crazy where you can buy quality permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. If you want to go the professional route, ask the hair salon first if they carry this shade and ask for a direct consultation.

Since most teal colors will require a certain amount of bleach to be achieved, which can be damaging to the hair, it is important to make sure your hair has regular treatments to repair the damage. If your hair is already damaged from previous hair dyes, you can either dye your hair without bleach or treat it so it improves in texture and porosity otherwise you’ll risk damaging it further and it will be hard to reverse the damage afterwards—unless you cut it.

  • If you haven’t experimented with bold colors before, it’s best to find a professional salon or hair colorist to dye your hair as it might come off too dark or too light.

Permanent Teal Hair Dye

Permanent teal hair dye can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks if proper color care is taken. However 90% of the brands that carry teal shades usually have semi-permanent and demi-permanent teal hair color choices. Among the most long-lasting options is Wella’s Koleston Perfect professional hair color in special mix 0/28 which is also used by most professionals. The shade is also a vivid medium green teal that suits most hair hues. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent options are also available by La Riche, Adore, Pravana, and Stargazer. A good permanent teal hair dye to try would be RAW Twisted Teal Demi-Permanent Hair Color.

Temporary teal hair dye

Best teal hair dye spray

Temporary teal hair dye is relatively easy to find online and offline and online in beauty supply and specialty hair color stores as it gives a wash of color that can last up to 5 washes. A great temporary teal hair color option is Chroma lights metallic teal as it’s easy to apply and almost foolproof.

While the hair won’t cover any gray hairs, the metallic hues of teal will easily blend in any gray hair and make it look more shiny and metallic so it doesn’t look bad. If you don’t necessarily want to go full-color, you can try experimenting with hair chalk or temporary teal color foam applied in the hair tips or individual hair strands. Good options of temporary hair color: Color Me in teal virtue and Hair Flairs color club.

Dark Teal Hair Dye

Dark teal hair

Dark teal hair dye is probably the most challenging to achieve as most teal shades are either on the medium or light color range. However, there are still ways to get a dark teal shade color and that is by mixing a shade of light to medium shade of teal with a bit of ebony black and dark brown.

Of course they are some shades that come really close and these include: peacock blue from Crazy Color semi-permanent hair dye and Turquoise of La-rich permanent hair colors.

Teal hair dye on dark hair and brown hair

Teal hair dye on black hair – how would that look? Teal hair color on dark hair requires a certain amount of bleach to show-up or it will lack brightness and depth. If you are dying your hair at home and you have black, dark brown or auburn hair to begin with, you must bleach or lift your hair first at least two shades lighter before dying your hair teal.

Brands like La Riche carry out bleaching kits with all the bleaching essentials you will need: bleaching volume, gloves, mixing cup, and brush applicator. If your hair has vivid red or orange hues to start with, it is suggested that you use a toning semi permanent color like bluish gray to neutralize any redness and have a more neutral base for better results.

Here is a relevant video for lifting and neutralizing dark auburn hair prior using a teal hair dye.

Remember: If you have too thick or too long, you’ll probably need two bottles of bleach as you don’t want to risk dying only half of your hair and then bleach runs out. If you have forgotten to buy two bottles and beauty supply stores are closed to buy a second one, you can dilute it with a bit of hair conditioner so it’s enough to cover all your hair from the roots till the hair ends.

Also make sure you follow the instructions and don’t leave the bleach more than 45 minutes as it will probably damage your hair.

Recommended shade of teal for dark hair: alpine green of brand blue banana.

Teal blue hair dyeTeal on dark hair

Teal blue hair dye is a light teal shade with strong blue undertones and is ideal for those with light hair and light green or blue eyes. If you are already blonde you can get this hue with no bleach but brunettes or those with dyed black or brown hair will have to use bleach first to achieve this shade. Some good options for vibrant teal blue hair dye: Crazy Color’s blue jade and Special Effects fish bowl.

Teal green hair dye

Teal green hair dye is shade of medium to dark teal with more green rather than blue undertones and suits those with dark eyes and light to medium olive or neutral skin. It is also possible to achieve this shade with low volume or no bleach first, unless your hair is black.

Teal green hair color simulation
Simulation of a green-shade.

Some good suggestion for teal green shades include:  Voodoo Forest from Manic Panic and Pravana Chroma silk in Green. Since this teal green hair dye tends to fade fast, make sure you use color preserving treatments to prolong the depth of the color. Also it’s best to put a hair sunscreen before you go out to the sun to prevent sun damage and fading of your teal green hair color.

Apart from the above, there are also some more pastel and light teal shade options such Pravana Locked-in teal and Manic Panic’s voodoo blue, although these should be attempted on light blonde or bleached hair.

Additional tips to consider when dying your hair teal

Make sure you wear a plastic cover-up before you attempt to bleach your hair on your own and then dye it your desired shade of teal. The hair color will likely stain your clothes or pillow cases so make sure you wear dark colors or a non-absorbing waterproof fabrics and not cotton clothes for up to three washes.

If you want to avoid hair fading, try preserving your color with color-protection or color shampoo with a hint of color. You can also use color mousse for a temporary refresh of your teal hair color.

If you are not sure if and how to bleach your hair prior dying it a teal hair color, it’s best to visit a professional hair salon first at failure to bleach your hair properly will result in uneven or damaged hair.

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