Yellow Hair Dye and Color Shades Neon, Bright and Blonde

Yellow hair dye and color is one of the vibrant hair colors that take a lot of boldness to wear. Would you try such special effects yellow hair color? What are the best brands of such vivid colors for men? Well, you can get both permanent and temporary hair dyes in yellow and other crazy colors following the yellow hair coloring cream chart. Here is a complete guide including the best brands you should try.

Trying on a yellow bow on hair is one thing, but changing your hair color and dyeing it with a vivid color is totally something else. Most people do not wear this or go for such hair color ideas because of many constraints such as official looks and so on. Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone and eye color is quite a challenge enough, so what about a yellow drugstore hair dye?

Yellow hair dye, color and spray
Yellow blonde highlights

We have seen celebrities who have dyed their hair yellow or some vivid color such as pink. Well, pink hair dye might be a little bit more common than our egg-yolk mane. So, if you want to try this dye, which one should you choose? What brands are the best?

Best Yellow Hair Dye Brand

In order to get the right shade of yellow, you must use the best brand out there. There are many hair coloring kits starting with Splat Kits, Manic Panic and many others. All these you can buy from outlets such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay and even at the drugstore. These are the top rated brands you should choose especially if you are going to do at-home hair coloring.

  1. Manic Panic Creams
  2. Alfaparf Milano
  3. Splat Hair Colors
  4. Jerome Russel
  5. Sally’s Dyes

Most yellow hair dye reviews recommend these two brands. So far, Manic Panic yellow brand hair dye has the most reviews and comes in very many different shades. These include electric banana cream, sunshine yellow shade, electric lizard, tennis ball yellow-green and a few more. A brand like Jerome Russel, with their Punky Color Hair Dye have a shade called bright yellow. This one is a semi-permanent conditioning kit of hair coloring cream and is for men and women.

The very big advantage as I saw from the reviews of these brands is that they come with very easy-to-follow instructions on how to use and how to apply yellow hair color cream. There are also two versions of these if you want to get your hair to a vivid color: temporary and permanent. Most of the temporary ones are just simple spray. Let’s do a simple review of that and later I will show you how to dye your hair yellow at home.

Bright Yellow Hair Dye

Yellow Hair Dye and Color
Yellow Hair Dye and Color

Kristen Stewart is a name you must’ve heard with bright yellow hair colors. Recently, she was pictured on the Interview Magazine’s cover sporting fluorescent yellow hair color. Well, Manic Panic have the most range of shades you can choose from and if you want to appear bright with a vivid color, then head over to them.

Another common celebrity you will see with the bright yellow hues is Lady Gaga. She has made a staple with crazy hair color shades and yellow is one of them although not very common as sky blue and pink choices.

Yellow Blonde Hair Dye

According to Schwarzkopf, a yellow tinge in blonde hair is a problem and should be gotten rid of. They remark that “A yellow tinge in bleached blonde hair may be due to an application error or due to an unsuitable product choice.”

You can remove this tinge of yellow by redoing the bleaching process so that you can completely remove the pigment. On the other hand, there are very few yellow blonde hair dye products that I could find online. I actually found one stocked at DesertCart. Some girls and emos choose to make yellow highlights with platinum blonde hair.

Neon Yellow Hair Dye

Neon yellow hair accessories, extensions and sprays will give your mane those special effects especially when under a black light. If you are planning a wild party, this is just one of the best costumes you should not fail to consider getting for yourself.

Niki minaj neon hair
Niki minaj neon hair

If you are not a fan of sprays and permanent colors, then go for extensions. Otherwise, Manic Panic has the electric banana shade, which is “a wild neon yellow with a greenish tinge” and comes as a super-bright shade. One precaution you should take if you are dyeing your hair with a neon shade is that it has to be bleached to white first in order to get the brilliant colors out of it.

Temporary Yellow Hair Color Spray

Do you want to color your with special effects hair dye in just a few seconds? Well, you are looking for a temporary coloring kit. Yellow hair spray can easily turn even white hair to a shade of yellow that you want. The advantages of temporary color are as follows:

Temporary yellow hair color
Spray for highlights
  • Very fast to apply. You just need a few seconds to finish all the instructions or procedure
  • Is perfect for sport activities such as wearing team colors. This is probably a very good suggestion if you are a cheerleader
  • With a spray, you still get a the maximum intensity not to mention in a short time
  • Most of the temporary yellow dye sprays are non-damaging to hair. You can easily wash it out (yes it is washable hair color)

Permanent Yellow Hair Dye that Does Not Wash Out

I am used to people looking for non-permanent or semi-permanent hair colors. However, for a vivid hair color that is long lasting or permanent, then this is something absolutely new. There are such products, although you will find them rare because not many people buy them.

So before you go to your plan, ensure that you use the yellow hair coloring cream chart to choose the very right shade you want, otherwise you will end up struggling with correction toning or fixing the hue. I have seen someone who ended up bleaching her yellow hair to white with peroxide and then dyeing it again to a dark color.

When choosing any formula for permanently coloring your hair ensure you look out for the following:

  • It should have low ammonia content or none at all
  • Should be truly a vivid color, otherwise you will end up with orange or some yellow blonde
  • Should come with a provided color chart to help you get even results with your natural hair

One good pick of non-washable permanent yellow hair color cream is the Yellow Aloetrix product.

Hair Color Ideas - blue and yellow blend well
Hair Color Ideas – blue and yellow blend well

Toning Yellow Hair

Do you know how to get yellow tones out of bleached hair? Well, you might have been trying something like coloring but ended up with orange. Now you want to tone it to platinum, ash or white at home. Well, a simple purple shampoo can be the quick fix you are looking for.

If the changing of color in the strands is not a result of dyeing or coloring, then you could be having yellow hair due to minoxidil use side effects. Sometimes, when your dye begins to fade, you end up with brassy strands. This is when you need toning or a simple purple shampoo. Here’s the procedure on how to tone yellow hair at home and some before and after photos.

On a lighter note, there’s a certain yellow color product that is illegal in UK. It is called Bright as—– and has been banned probably because of the word choice in the name of the special effects hair dye.


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